Power of true Love

24 Jun


She walks in to the airport and walk to Reception at the airport. She goes and sits on the Bench that was set there. She looks on her watch and sees that the time is already 10pm. She remembers he say that his Flight will be arriving at 9:30pm. She looks on the fly Schedule and sees that his Flight already arrives. She gets worry what happened to him and way he not arrive yet. She feels how the stress starts to affects her body and make her feel tense. She watches a woman run with flower in her hand with smiling on her face. She run in to her lover arms and hugs him tight.
When she saw them hugging she understand how much she missing her lover and how much she missing his soft touch his warm hugs, the smell of his Perfume, the way he kiss her on her lips, the taste of his lips, the feeling she have when they kiss, the way she feel in her stomach when they kiss. She was wish that he will be there. 2 month without see him it was too much for her. She remember the day he come to say goodbye.

He was stand in her door with Briefcase when he was wear a black Suit and look like a Gentleman. When she sees him she knows that he is leaving.
“You leaving? She asks him before he can say a word.
“I have to.” He says and looks down to the floor.
“And when I will see you again?” she ask him.
“I don’t know when.” He says when he keep look down. Try to not make connect with her eyes. He knows that she will hurt and he can see her cry.
“So you just come here to say that you going and that maybe you will never back.” he tears start goes down from her eyes. He gets his head up and sees the tears in her eyes.
“I come to say that you important to me and I will do everything to get back to you because I love you.” She was shock and can believe that he really say that. He releases the Briefcase from his hand and stand next to her. He put his hand on her cheek and wipes her tears away. She looks in to his eyes and sees tears in to his eyes. He come close to her and kisses her lips. When he kisses her she feels how the breath she keeps inside her let go slowly from her. She closed her eyes and let the tears goes down. He looks on her again and sees the tears flow on her cheek and kisses her eyes. She opens her eyes and sees him stand next to her. She knows it is the last time that she ever sees him. She doesn’t wait a second and hug him tight. He put his hand on her back and other hand on her head. It even was not easy for him. He loves her so much and wishes he can take her with him but he know that he can’t. He knows that if he will take her with him her family will not like it. How much it was hard for both of them they were know that they should have to say goodbye. He stands away from her and saw how she holding his hand and don’t let him goes. He looks on her and sees her Shook her head and ask him not to go. He put his hand above her and takes her hand off from him. She sees how his hand releases slowly from her hand. He turns away and stands with his back to her. He knows that if he will look on her he will not be able to leave. He holds the Briefcase Handle and walk away from there. She keep stand in the door and watch him gone. She wishes she can stop him but she know that it not in her hands.

After 2 month she gets call for him in the night that he going to get on the flight back home and he will like to meet her. She was happy to know that he is back but she was worry. From his voice he was sound like he is not happy. She starts to think about what he wants to talk with her about.
She looks on her watch again and sees that the time is already 10:20pm but still there is no sign of him. She hopes he is ok and noting bad happened to him.
Suddenly she save a tired man entered the airport with a suitcase. He wore an old brown long jacket and black jeans. He looked pale and weak. She could not recognize him with all that stubble on his face. She gets up from the Bench and start to walk slowly to him. When she still checking him from down to up. When she finely stands in front of him she saw Glint in his eyes that she knows. She was Knew him from the way he looked at her. He stands in his place and release the Briefcase Handle. She come close to him and looks in to his eyes. She reaches her hand slowly to his face and moves her hand on his cheek. He closes his eyes and let the tears go down from his eyes. She smile with tears in her eyes and start giggle. He opens his eyes and sees her smiling to him. She put her hand on his chest and feels His heartbeat. She even recognizes the smell of his Perfume.  She doesn’t wait any more and hug him tight and close her eyes.
“You come I know that you will come.” she say and smile. He close his eyes and hug her back “All this time I know you will come.” she tell him the days she was pass by knowing that one day he will be back. She holds his back jacket tight and brings her more close to him.”
“I have the same thing to tell you.” He says to her. She goes away from him and looks on him in series way. Suddenly all the happiness moment replace with tense and worries. She waits for him to start talking when in the same time she tries to relax herself.
“About what?” she ask him when she try to break the ice.
“all this days I was dream about my career to be the best business man. In the beginning I enjoy it and I know this what I want to be. But than… then I meet you. sweet woman who teach me that there are bigger things then career. When I get on my fly to Tokyo I was had same weird feeling in my heart like same thing Bit me. In the beginning I think it is noting and it will pass in a day or days but after a few days it just gets worse and worse. I was can’t work, I was can’t eat or drink, I even can’t sleep. I was stand next to the window of my hotel room watching the planes went and repetitions at the airport. And wish for that day when I will come back to you. More and more days I was starting to feel more and worse. I get sick in flu and can’t go to work. I was stay in the bed all the day and Recalls the day I leave. The way you hold me in your hand and ask me to stay. Every time I wish I was chosen to stay with you and not go to Tokyo. After I recovered I call my boss and ask him to send me back to USA. In the beginning he don’t like it and say that he will Fire me. In the beginning I was scared what I will do if he will fire me? What I will do after it? My father always teach me that when you have great job And pay you well on it Just stake on it. But not this time, this time I remember what you tell me. Person that has happy life with joy and love he is the real rich man in the world and noting can break him. I tell my boss that I don’t care if he fires me but then he decide to send me back to USA to work her.” he say and smile to her.
“that great but I don’t know why you tell me all this?” she ask him. He come close to her and put his hand on her cheek.
“I think that if I will tell you all this you will understand how much it was hard for me to stay away from you and how much I want you to be there with me. I was known that I can’t take you with me because your family will not agree for that so…” suddenly he gets down on his knees and gets a small red box from his jacket. Open it and look on her. She saw on the ring and looks confused on him
“Will you marry me?” she stands in her place and look around and saw that every one looking on them.
“what are you doing?” she asks him.
“Proposing to you.” He says and smiles to her.
“But you just get back.” she say to him.
“trust me I thought about it many times. 2 month is too much times.” She start giggle. “So what you say you going to marry me or I just I destroyed my knees for noting.” She giggles again.
“Yes.” He looks on confused on her. “No I mean Yes I marry you.” He smiles to her and stand up next to her. He put the ring on her finger. She looks on the ring and run to hug him. “I love you.” She whispers in to his ear.
“I love you too.” He whisper back to her ear and hug her tight.

Who know that 2 month when the stay away from each other has change the all story? It’s just show up that this is the real power of True love.

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