Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 5)

24 Jun

-“You want to know, you really want to know?” Rachna ask her and Anjuli Nodded her head. “Everything has start at the day I was goes to Job Interview in KT Creation Studio.

The Job Interview day
Rachna went into the studio and looked around. She still could not believe she was really there. She was so nervous and afraid that they will not accepted her to the studio. the other girls that was sit there, Began to judge her by her dress.
-“What girl like her doing in here?” Rachna hear their conversion and see them look on her.
-“You right she even don’t have style.” the other girl say and both of them start giggle. Rachna feel Uncomfortable and was ready to leave the studio.
-“Rachna, Rachna garg.” suddenly Rachna stop in her place when she hear that they call her name. “is there any Rachna Garg here?” the girls look on each others.
-“I am rachna garg.” Rachna say and stand in front the woman who call her name. She was wearing a white elegant buttoned shirt, brown pants and a blue scarf that was wrapped around his neck. The Makeup that on her face Was too noticeable and too excessive.
-“Hi Rachna I am Nitya, KT Assistant.” Nitya say and start checking rachna from down to up.
-“Is everything ok?” Rachna ask her.
-“No. Should we start with the Interview?” Rachna Nodded her head and follow Nitya

 -“Welcome to Kt Creation Studio” Nitya say. Rachna go in to the studio and see all the dressed dolls and The fabrics that were arranged in library. “Rachna.” Nitya wake Rachna.
-“Yes.” Rachna look on Nitya
-“Should we start?” Nitya ask her. Rachna smile to her and nodded her head. “To be Part of Kt studio all you need to do is to dress one of the doll clothes that you have here in the studio and make sure there is Match between them. Ok?” Rachna look on her and nodded her head. Suddenly Nitya mobile start to ring. Nitya look on the screen and see Kabir name on it and answer the phone quickly. “Yes Kt. Yes I am now with one of them…” Rachna Look on Nitya and she smile to Rachna. “Ok I will be right there.” Nitya close her phone. “Ok Rachna I am going to Kt office in the mine-time you can start design. I will right back ok?” Nitya say and leave Rachna alone in the studio. Rachna look on the doll and look around on all the dress that was there.
-“From where should I start?” Rachna put her bag on one of the desk that was there and start working.

Nitya open the door and get in the Kt office. Kt sit next to his desk and play with the pen over his finger
-“So Nitya how goes the Selection?” Kabir ask her.
-“It ok…” Nitya say. Kabir look on her.
-“what you mean OK?” He ask her
-“Two of them not pass the test and one girl even not look like she have style. You should see what close she wearing.” Nitya start giggle. Kabir look angry on her.
-“Nitya Clothing can never define the person who wears them.” Nitya stop Giggle. “I want you to check them all by their skills not by the way they dressing. You get that?” Kabir ask her.
-“Sure Kt. no problem.” Nitya say and see him look angry on her.
-“Good you can go back to your work now.” Nitya turn and ready to leave KT Office. “And Nitya.” Nitya look back on him. “Make sure she will end her design, I will like to come and check it. Ok?”
-“Yes Kt.” Nitya say and leave the office. Kt lay back on his chair and back to play with the pend over his fingers.


Nitya back to the studio and was amazed to see that Rachna Design is American style
Rachna was looking for the Scarf that will be Match them all.
-“Rachna are you done with your design? Nitya ask her
-“I all most done.” Rachna say and back to work.
-“You should Hurry up because Kt want to check your design.” Rachna stand in her place in shock. 

-“What?” Rachna keep running all over the studio and try to find scarf that will match to the clothes. When in the same time Kabir was on his way to the studio.
Rachna finnely find the scarf that she was looking for.
-“Nitya has everything ready?” Kabir ask her. Rachna See Kabir and fold the Scarf on the floor. Kabir look on the scarf that was on the floor and look angry on Rachna. Rachna pick it up fast.
-“Sorry sir.” Rachna say. and start to Twist the Scarf with her hand. Kt look on the way she twist it.
-“Rachna are you done with your design?” Nitya ask her and wake Rachna up.
-“Yes… No.. no.. not yet.” Rachna come to put the scarf on the doll but the doll fold down on the floor. Nitya cover her face with her hand. when Kabir keep look angry on Rachna. “I am very sorry sir.” Rachna say again. She pick the doll up and set the clothes that were on it and put the scarf over the doll neck. Rachna look on both of them and smile. “Now I am done.” Nitya Shook her head when Kabir look around and try to relax him self 


Rachna look on Anjali and see her laughing.
-“You think it’s funny?” Rachna ask and look angry on her
-“Sorry Rachna I just imagine what you say and I can’t stop laugh.” Anjuli say and keep laughing. Rachna put her hand on her hips
-“Just Great Laugh about me but believe me it was not so funny. I was thinking that after that I just lost the chance to work in my dream job.” Anjali stop laugh and look on her.
-“So did he accept you in his studio?” Anjali ask her. Rachna get her hand down from her hips and walk to anjali desk and pick up her drawn designs.
-“He did only because he likes my design.” Rachna start giggle. “But it was not easy to work with him. He was so Egoist that cares only about is work.” Suddenly Rachna stop talk and take long breath. She put her drawn designs back on anjali desk. “Until one day our Employment relationship between us turns to be more than just Employment relationship.” Anjali come and standing next to her.
-“Are you talk about Friendship or…?” Anjali ask her. Rachna look on her and Anjali see the answer to her question in Rachna eyes. “Oh my god. You love him.” Rachna look away.
-“Even more than that, we all must get marry.” Anjali was in shock to hear her.
-“And you even not tell me about it?” Anjali ask her. Rachna walk away from her.
-“What the point to talk about it now after the wedding is already canceled.” Rachna say and tears start to flow from her eyes.
-“But why? why you both cancel it?” Rachna look back on her. anjuli see the tears flowing from her eyes and get worry about her.

Dadi walk in the studio and find Kabir keep working on Sonal wedding dress even he work all the night. Dadi saw how tired he is and how he tries to keep his eyes open.
-“Nanhe you work all the night?” Kabir look back and see dadi walking to him.
-“Good morning dadi.” Kabir smile to her. dadi put her hand on his cheek.
-“I am so happy to see you smiling.” Kabir get dadi hand down from his cheek and cover it with his hand.
-“It’s only because of you.” Dadi smile back to him and see the dress that he design to Sonal wedding.
-“Look like you give a lot of time to sonal dress.” Kabir walk to sonal dress.
-“Dadi I Promise Sonal that I will done her dress before her wedding.” He said and Arrange the folds that on the dress.
-“It fine but it not mean you should work on it day and night.” Dadi come next to him.
-“Dadi I am fine.” Kabir say and keep working on the dress.
-“No Kabir You not fine. You are going to get same rest right now. Get that it?” Dadi point on him. Kabir look on her and start to laugh.
-“Ok. Drame queen I will go to rest little bit.” Dadi put her hand on his shoulder and smile to him.
-“Good boy.” Dadi say and leave the Studio. Kabir start to get all the stuff back to their place and arrange all the papers on his desk when suddenly he see his mobile lay between the papers. He gets it up and turns his mobile on and notices that he get 10 unanswered calls. When he checks it he fine that they all was from Vihaan. Kabir get angry and remember that evening when he get to his studio and find Rachna and Vihaan alone. and Rachna Take measurements of Vihaan when both of them talking and laughing.
Kabir put his mobile back on the desk and leave the studio. When suddenly his mobile start to ring and Rachna name show on the screen.

Outside the kids was play when suddenly a car was parking next to Garg house. The door of the car was open and man wearing a black suit goes out from it. He closes the door and turns his car alarm on. He walks to garg house and knock on the door.
-“One minute.” Shail say and walk to see who it is. When she opens the doors she was amazed to see the man who stand in front of her. He takes is Sunglasses down.
-“You.” She says and sees Vihaan Stepping in front of the doorway of her house and smiling at her.

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