Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 6)

24 Jun

Shail opens the doors and she was amazed to see the man who stand in front of her. He takes is Sunglasses down.
“You.” She says and sees Vihaan Stepping in front of the doorway of her house and smiling at her. “What you doing here?” Shail ask him
“I come to see Rachna.” he says and smile to her. Gunjan that Recognized vihaan voice went to the living room and listen to their Conversation.
“It not enough for you after what you already did to her?” Vihaan don’t understand what she talking and about. “Both of you have already destroyed my daughter life enough and I am will not let you do it again. Not to you and not to him.” Vihaan see the angry in Shail eyes.
“But I just…” Vihaan try to talk but Shail Ignore him and close the doors. Vihaan stand outside when he confused about the conversion he had with Shail. “Why is she mad at me? And why she says both of you?”  He hopes he can get answers for his questions. Suddenly his mobile begin to ring. He took out his mobile from his jacket pocket and see gunjan name on the screen. He walk away from garg house and answer the call.
“Hello Vihaan. I know you looking for Rachna but I have same important thing to tell you it about Kabir and Rachna.” He hears Gunjan whispering
“What happened between Kabir and Rachna.?” He ask her
“I can’t talk about it on the phone. Meet me at the school cafeteria in an hour.” Gunjan keep whispering and checking that no one hear her.
“ok i be there.” and before he can say by the conversion was end. Vihaan get his mobile back in his jacket pocket and start to worry what happened between Kabir and Rachna.

In the meantime, in the dark room the Mysterious women was siting on her chair and enjoy her free time when suddenly her phone get ring. She picks up the phone and answer to it.
“any good news? She ask
“Sorry ma’am but we have same bad news. Vihaan has back” the Mysterious woman was shock to hear it
“what you mean he back?” She began to scream over the phone
“Yes ma’am we see him this morning.” she start rubbed her forehead and try to think what to do. “Ma’am what we should do?” she stand up and walk to wall which Kabir picture was hung on.
“Make sure that he will stay away from Kabir.” she says and move her hand on Kabir face.

Kabir walk from the wash room in to his room and pick up the small Towel that was lying on his bed and Wipe his face with it.

He gets it to his bed and try to get some rest. He put his arm on his forehead and looks to the Ceiling. Suddenly he remember the moment when he saw Vihaan name on the screen of his mobile. But Kt don’t understand why he calls him many times even he didn’t answer him. What he want? why he didn’t answer to his calls maybe He should answer to him. That thought’s was running in his mind over and over again. Kabir turn to the side and try to Stop his thoughts but then he remember that evening when he get to the studio and see  Rachna Take measurements of Vihaan when both of them talking and laughing. Kabir get angry and turn to the other side and try to relax but then he remembers that day when he asks Rachna about Vihaan Suit.

That day

Kabir get to the studio and saw rachna working on vihaan Suit. Kabir take a minute to relax then walk to rachna.
“Rachna, can I talk with you for a second?” He asks her.
“Sure Kt what is it?” Rachna say when she keeps working on vihaan suit.
“I thinking about… what you say If I will work on Vihaan suit and you work on Sonal wedding dress?” Suddenly Rachna stop to work. sheturn and look on Him. 
“Kt are you Jealous?” She asks him. Kt was amazed to hear her say that. She was right he was jealous but he didn’t want to say it to her.
“No I am not.” Rachna start giggle.
“Kt, Vihaan is my best friend only my best friend. Beside I already choose my man.”  Rachna say and wink to him and back to work.

Kabir Turn to the other side again and remember the day that they fight.

“Kt I tell you there noting between me and vihaan.” Rachna say to kabir with tears in her eyes.
“Don’t lie to me Rachna.” Kt gets angry on her. “I saw you both in the studio Rachna. I saw every think… “Rachna saw the anger in Kabir eyes and run away from their crying

Kabir turn on his back and tears start flow from his eyes. he put his arms on his eyes and try to get some sleep.

Vihaan was already in the school cafeteria Sit down at one of the tables that was there and wait for Gunjan. He looked at his watch to see what time is when suddenly Gunjan come and sit next to him.
“Sorry I’m late.” Gunjan say and put her bag on the table.
“It Ok. Now tell me what you want to tell me about Kabir and Rachna?” He asks her.
“Rachna Left Banaras and more to Mumbai” Vihaan take his sunglasses down and was amazed to hear what gunjan say.
“What? Rachna has moved to Mumbai ? but why?” Gunjan look around to check if no one following her from home. Then she came closer to him.
“Rachna and Kabir Brake up.” Vihaan was shock to hear it. “They had a fight after you gone. Kabir was thought that there was same thing between you two.” Vihann lay back on the chair and Shook his head.
“what I have done.” He starts Rubbed his forehead. “I should do same thing.” he says
“But How? What you will do.” Gunjan say to him. Vihaan move his hand down.
“I will go to talk with kabir.” he catch the handle of his bag and ready to get up. Gunjan hold his hand and stop him.
“I don’t think he will like to see you right now.” She said and release his hand.
“I know he hate me right now but he need to know the true And the all true.” Vihaan stand up and take his bag with him.
“where you going?” Gunjan ask him.
“To Kabir House.” He said and start walking away from there. Gunjan look around to check if no one sees her. She takes her bag, stand up and walk away from there.
Suddenly Same one comes behind the bushes when He Wearing in black and with glasses on his eyes. He looks around and starts walking away from there when he hide his face with the Collar of his jacket.

Meanwhile in Mumbai, Rachna decide to take walk outside and relax little bit. she walk in to same park that was next to anjali parents house and goes to sit down on one of the Benches that was there. The park was quiet at that time and she could hear the birds that was on the trees singing, the sound that the passing water in the fountain make and the voice of the kids that was playing around her. Rachna look around and smile. Finely she was feeling how the happiness back to her. After all this days of sadness she finely fined the way back to happiness.
Suddenly she saw a man and a woman walk in the park when they holding hands and look in each other eyes. They come and walk in front of her when they both smile to her. Rachna look on them pass her and understand that she still love Kabir And she missing the days that they spend together. Rachna Close her eyes and let the tears flow down on her face.
She put her hand on her heart and feels how it’s beating fast. Every Beat reminds her same moments that she shares with Kabir. the funny moments, that sweet moments, the romantic moments and even the sad moments. She open the eyes and look to the sky
“Why, why? I can’t take him out of my mind why?”
Suddenly Rachna remember what Kabir tell her in her dream

“I can’t live without you. I just can’t.” Kt say and He wipes his tears away. “That why it’s better for me to go away.” Rachna looked at him as she confused and don’t understand what he say. “Please forgive me about all the pain that I give to you. I love you rachna.” He closes his eyes and let the dears flow. “I love you.” Rachna see Kabir walk back until he gets to the Mountain Cliff and fold from there.
“Kt!” Rachna scream.

Rachna close her eyes and let the tears fold down. She was thinking that if she will be away from Kabir it will be easier for her to forget him but it was not easy at all.
“Just great you ruined it again.” Suddenly Rachna hear Kabir voice. She opens her eyes and see him sitting next to her and Hold her hand. “When we finely get same free time for each other you always start to cry.” Rachna smile to him with tears in her eyes and put her head on his shoulder. Suddenly she was so happy to see him there with her suddenly the sadness tears Replaced with Tears of joy
“Let the tears flow these are tears of joy.” Kabir Smile and Rested his head on her head
“I guess I will have to use to it.”He says and smile. “But how I will know when it tears of joy and when it is tears of sadness.” Rachna giggle and look on him.
“You will notice from my smile.” She smile to him. Kabir look at her and kiss her forehead.
“I wish that you will always be happy. Kabir look on Rachna and see her smiling. he smile back to her and let her put her head on his chest when he put one of his hand on her back and bring her more close to him. She put her hand on his chest and close her eyes with big smile on her face.
But when she opens her eyes she noticed that it is only was her imagination. The tears of joy turn back to Tears of sadness.
“Why are you doing this to me Kabir? Why do you make it hard to forget you?” She said and cover her face with her hand. Suddenly her mobile begin to ring. She get her mobile out from her bag and see vihann name on the screen.
“Vihaan?” She was shock to see Vihaan name on her mobile screen. She remember that When Vihaan leave Banaras He goes without tell her good-bye. “Hello.” Rachna answer his call.
“Thanks god you finely answer. I come to visit you and find out that you leave to mumbai. What is it Rachna?” He asks her. Rachna rubbed her forehead and thing what should she answer to him
“Vihaan It’s nothing really.” Rachna say and try to relax him.
“Rachna don’t lie to me I already know everything. I know that you and Kabir broke up.” Rachna was shock to find out that Vihaan know about her and Kabir. “Gunjan tell me everything.”
“Vihaan It’s OK really I already accept it.” Rachna say.
“No rachna. Kabir need to know the true and I will do everything to let him know what really happened.” Vihaan start raising his voice.
“No Vihaan don’t do it. Kabir will not like it.” Rachna get worried.
” I do not care what he would do to me. At list he will know the true.” He says and hangs off the call.
“Vihaan, Vihaan… Hello…” Rachna look on her mobile screen and notice that vihaan end the call. “Oh no what will happen now?” Rachna start to worry about Vihaan. She knows that Kabir hate him and he will not like to talk with him.

Vihaan walk to Kabir house when he knows that Kabir will not like to see him. But he was know that he need to it. He should tell kabir the all true whatever he likes it or not.  Suddenly a car come and parked outside his kabir house. When the door of the car was open Vihaan see Sonal geting out from the car close the door behind it and stand next to the car.
“Sonal.” Vihaan was not happy to see her there. Sonal move her hair behind her ears smile to vihaan and wave to him.
“Hi Vihaan long time since we met.” she say and stand there what her hand on her hips and smile on her face.

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