Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 8)

24 Jun

Rachna Decided to start work in her new studio. The studio that Anjali and her family make for her in their small Warehouse. Rachna walk in side and look around. On Colored fabrics wheels that was arranged next to each other and placed on the wall. The doll that was stand in the side and the desk that was set at the center of the room. Rachna walk to the desk and saw it full with Pens, pencil, markers, scissors, needles, pins and more. Rachna walk to the desk and move her hand over it. She looks on the desk and shows the Sketches she drew before, setting on the table with note taped on them. She removes the Note and read it
“You should make this dress. Don’t forget to make one of me. Anjali.” Rachna smile after she read the note that Anjali. Rachna pick the Sketches and check them one by one. Suddenly she show one Sketch where she draw a man who look like Kabeer, wearing a green jacket and A Stylishly Black buttoned shirt. Suddenly Rachna remember the days she start work in Kabeer studio.

Kabeer get in to the studio and saw all the girls working, But he didn’t find Rachna there.
“Anita, where is Ms Garg? I hope you didn’t forget to call her?” Kabeer ask her with anger.
“I did. But she said she will late. She said that she have same important stuff to done.” Kabeer get angry and hold his head.
“I don’t know what this girl wants.” Kabeer take is hand down and look angry on Anita. “Call her and tell her that if she wants to learn, she have to come here right now.” Anita looks on Kabeer and saw the anger in his eyes.
“I will do it Right away.” Anita said and calls Rachna. Kabeer look on his clock and turn back. Suddenly he stake in Rachna. Rachna lost her Equilibrium and all most fold. Kabeer hold her arms and get her back up. Rachna look on him and see him anger. But his eyes was look on her in other way. Rachna get afraid and look on his hand hold her arms. Kabeer also look on his hand and release her arm. Kabeer walk back from her. Rachna feel awkward and move her hair behind the ear.

unnamed (1)
“Kt I am so sorry I am late.” Anita that was tried to get Rachna on the phone saw her standing in front Kabeer. Kabeer look around and try to forget that awkward moment.
“It’s OK Miss Garg.” Anita was amazed to hear that Kabeer didn’t scream on her. Kabeer look on rachna and saw her smile. “Now go and start working.” Kabeer said to her.
“Yes Kt.” She said and goes to Work. Kabeer watch her working and think for a second, then he leaves the studio. Anita looks on Rachna and don’t know what happen? And why Kabeer was so nice to her.
[Flashback end]

Rachna smile and remember how she changes Kabeer for the angriest man to most lovely funny person.
But then she remembers their last conversion

-“Kt I tell you there noting between me and vihaan.” Rachna say to kabir with tears in her eyes.
-“Don’t lie to me Rachna.” Kt gets angry on her. “I saw you both in the studio Rachna. I saw every think… “Rachna saw the anger in Kabir eyes and run away from their crying
[Flashback end]

Suddenly the smile that was on her face was dispersed and replace by sad face.
“Whatever I do I still remember you. I can’t get you away, not from my life and not from my heart.” tears start flow from Rachna eyes. She wipes them away and goes to work.

Sonal stay in her place and was shock to see the woman who sitting on the sofa in her living room. The woman stands up from the sofa and come to Sonal.
“What happened Sonal dear, you not happy to see me? Even After all the thing that I did for you.” The woman said to her and Sonal smile to her.
“Why you said same like that Gayatri? I am happy to see you. I just can’t believe that I see you in my house.” Gayatri smile to her.
“I want to surprise you. I guess I already did.” Sonal smiled to her a half-smile and get tensed.
“So I guess you meet Vihaan today?” Gayatri ask and smile to her. Sonal start to get more tensed.
“I didn’t know how he gets back.” Gayatri put his hand in front Sonal face, asks her to stop.
“Is he met Kabeer?” She asks her and takes her hand down.
“He try but Kabeer Did not want to talk with him.” Sonal said.
“Good. Keep him away from him. Don’t let him meet Kabeer.” Sonal nodded to her. “Then I will start my own plan.” Sonal smile and get worry about what Gayatri can do. “Son, we will meet soon again, very soon.” She said and starts to laugh.

The sun goes down and the evening has come. Kabeer get up to the Mountain, looked around for Vihaan.
“Vihaan” Kabeer scream and keep looking around.
“I am here.” Vihaan walk from the darkness and come in front of him. “I am really appreciated that you come to meet me Kabeer.” Kabeer look around and Rub his forehead with his finger.
“I will not lie to you.” Kabeer take his hand down and look angry on him. “I don’t like u. Because of you I lost my love, because of you I lost rachna.” Vihaan see the anger in kabeer eyes.
“I know you hate me. But I was needed to meet you and to tell you the true.” Kabeer close his eyes and look away.
“There is no use to it. Rachna left and she don’t want to see me anymore. So, what it’s worth it now?” He asks him.
“Because what I have to tell you, can change the whole story.” Kabeer look on him and don’t understand what he talks about. “You did the right choice that you come here” Vihaan said and smile to him.

Anjali get in Rachna studio and saw her drawing Sketches.
“Hi Rachna, The dinner is ready, so be sure to take a break soon.” Anjali said to her.
“Sure” Rachna said to her and keep drawing. Anjali saw that she even not look on her. She walks to her and saw her drawing a Sketch of Indian groom wedding dress.
“Wow this is great dear. I like it a lot.” Anjali said to her.
“Thanks anjali.” Rachna smile to her and keep draw it.
“You should make it.” Anajli said. Rachna look on Anjali and saw her smile to her. “Ok. take brake soon and come to eat.” Rachna nodded he head and smile to her. Anjali smile back to her and leave the room. Suddenly Rachna look on the Sketch and remember one of conversion that she and Kabeer was had about their wedding.

Kabeer was Sit next to his desk and drew a new design. Rachna get to the studio when she holding a plate in her hands with two cup of coffee on it. She saw kabeer working. She smile and walk to him.
-“Kt. your coffee.” Rachna said to him and put the plate with the cup of coffee on his desk. Kabeer put the Pen on the desk, take one of the cup and drink his coffee. Suddenly he saw Rachna smile to him. Kabeer stop to drink his coffee and look on her.
-“any problem?” He asks her and put the cup coffee back on his desk.
-“did you think about our wedding?” She asks him.
-“Think? Think about what?” Kabeer ask her and check the Sketches that were on his desk.
“About the groom and the bride dresses.” Rachna said to him.
“Don’t worry about it. I will design the dresses for both of us.” Rachna look on him in and get angry.
-“what?” Kabeer get his head up and look on her. “I think I should design it. Rachna said.
-“oh really.” Kabeer said and put his hand on his hip, when his other hand was set on his desk. “You really think I will late you design it.” Rachna look on him with one Eyebrow up.
“Why I can’t do it?” Rachna ask him
“No.” He said and smile to her.
-“why?” Rachna ask him again.
-“because… I am the designer and you only my assistance.” Kabeer said to her and smile.
-“achha ji. I am only your assistance.” Kabeer nodded and smile to her. “So you mean that I am not good enough to design that.” Rachna look angry on Kabeer.
-“I don’t mean that. I just said that I should design it.” Kabeer said again and smile to Rachna.
-“and if I will design same thing better than yours?” Rachna ask him.
-“so I late you design the dresses.” Rachna smile to kabeer and he smile back to her.
-“Challenge?” Rachna ask him
-“challenge.” Kabeer answer to her.


After that Kabeer and Rachna sit on their desk and start draw their own design. Kabeer get is head up and look back on Rachna, try to look on what she drawing. Rachna notice him watching her. She put her Elbow on the desk and hides the Sketch with her arm. She gets her face up and looks angry on him. Kabeer look away and back to draw his design.
Dadi get in the studio and find Rachna and Kabeer working when any one works on their own desk. Dad come to Rachna and saw her drawing an Indian groom dress.
-“Wow, That is amazing design Rachna.” Dadi said. Kabeer get his head up again and look on Rachna. Rachna look back on Kabeer and smiling to him. Kabeer get angry and get back to work on his own design.
Rachna ask Dadi to go and check what Kabeer drawing. Dadi point to Rachna to not worry and goes to look on Kabeer Sketch. “nahna do you need anything? Dadi ask him when she checking his Sketch.
-“I am…” Kabeer get his head up and saw Dadi point to Rachna that his design is “not so well.” Rachna notice that kabeer saw them and look away. Kabeer look angry on Dadi and bring his body close to the desk, try to hide his Sketch from her. Dadi motioned to her that she could not do anything and leave the room. Rachna look away and get worry. She wants to win this challenge so much and to show Kabeer how much great design she is.

When they done drawing their designs. They stand one In front other with the paper in their hands. They stood facing each other, like two cowboys that was are fighting each other in a gun shots. They even can hear the soundtrack of the Wild West running in their mind. Kabeer look on Rachna and smile a sly smile, when Rachna look on him with one Eyebrow up.
-“should we switch?” Kabeer ask her when he waiting to saw her design.
-“sure.” Rachna said to him and when she also wants to saw his design. They switch the designs. They both look on each other design and were amazed. They both draw their best designs.
-“wow. They are great design Kabeer.” Rachna said to him.
-“yours also look great.” Rachna and kabeer look on each other and start to laugh.
-“so I guess we Equal?” Rachna ask him.
-“I think we are.” Kabeer said and look again on rachna Sketch.
-“so, what we do now?” She asks him.
-“I think we both should design it.” Rachna was happy to hear it. “But I design you dress and you design my dress, Deal?” He asks and saw Rachna smiling to him.
-“deal.” Rachna said and smile back to him. She was so happy that she can design the dress to her further husband.
[Flashback end]

Rachna look on her Sketch of Indian groom wedding dress with tears flow from her eyes.
-“I wish I can design it for you Kt.” she said.
-“Rachna you coming” Rachna hear Anjali voice. She wipes her tears.
-“Yes I coming.” she said. She stand up from her chair and goes outside. Suddenly a wind come in the studio and threw all the Sketches away.

Meanwhile on the mountain
“What you talking about Vihaan? Rachna said she don’t want to see me again. She said it’s over. Kabeer walk away from him.
“She did it because she has to.” Kabeer stay in his place. “She did it because she knows the true.” Kabeer look on him.
“What true?” Kabeer ask him.
“That it all was your mother plane.” Kabeer come to him and hold him from his shirt collar.
“Vihaan, you can tell me other lie but this it’s too much.” Vihaan get angry and release Kabeer hand from his shirt collar.
“I don’t lie. It is the true. Your mothers plan it all and she also use Sonal help for that.” Kabeer get angrier.
“What you talking about? How you know it’s true? Kabeer ask him.
“Because. I help them.” Vihaan scream.

Sonal try to convince Vihaan to join them.
“It is so easy. You will get rachna back and I will get Kabeer back.” Sonal tell him and Vihaan smile to her.
[Flashback end]

“Then I meet Rachna after you both brake up.” Vihaan said and remember the day he come to see Rachna.

He gets to her room and sees her crying on her bed.
“Rachna.” He said. Rachna look to him with tears in his eyes. She gets up from her bed, run to him and hugs him. Vihaan smile and hug her back.
“Kabeer break up with me.” Rachna said to him. Suddenly Vihaan stop to hug her.
[Flashback end]

That moment I felt bad about myself. I try to come to meet you but Sonal and Gayatri was making sure that I will stay away from you.” Vihaan walk to him.
“Now I am here to fix it” Kabeer get angry and hold his shirt collar again.
“I am going to kill you right now.” Kabeer said and Punch Vihaan in his face, then in his shoulder.
“Kabeer wait.” Kabeer didn’t listen to him and keep hit him. Vihaan Punch him back on his face. “Kabeer listen to me for a second.” Vihaan said but the Punch that he gives Kabeer just make him more anger. Kabeer get up and kick vihaan away. Vihaan get to the Edge of the cliff and all most fold. Kabeer come to him and hold his hand. Vihaan look on him and saw the anger in Kabeer eyes. Vihaan start to get worried about his life.

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