Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 9)

24 Jun

Kabeer Keep hold Vihaan hand when stay he stay with one leg in the air and one leg on the ground. Vihaan look on Kabeer and saw the anger in his eyes.
“You should thank god that you rachna friend, because if not… I don’t know what could happen to you.” Kabeer said. He pull Vihaan back up and walk away from him.
“Thank for saving me.” Vihaan said. Kabeer stop in his place and look back on him.
“You welcome. But I don’t think I can save you next time.” Kabeer said and walk away from there. Vihaan was know that meeting Kabeer not will be easy, but he happy that he did. Because now kabeer know all the true.

Dadi stay wake all the evening and wait for Kabeer to show up.
“Where is he? He was supposed to come back already.” Dadi said and walk in the living room from side to side. “I hope noting bad happens between him and Vihaan.”She gets worried. She pressed her hands together and looked up. “Please god. keep this two crazy person safe from each other.” She said and closes her eyes. Suddenly she hear same one knock on the door. Dadi open her eyes and was amazed to know how fast god makes her wish. She looks up and whisper. “Thank u god.” She run and opens the door. When the doors was open, Dadi saw that was not kabeer but her Daughter in law and Kabeer mother Gayatri. She was standing in the door smiling to her.
“Hello. My mother in low. Do you miss me?” Gayatri ask her and smile to her.
“Gayatri. Long time left from the last time that I saw you.” Dadi said to her. Gayatri was known that Dadi will not invite her in, so she invite herself in without Dadi promotion.
“Is kabeer in home? I want to see him.” Gayatri ask her and look around. Dadi close the door and come to her.
“Kabeer is not here.” Dadi said. Gayatri turn and smile to her.
“Can you call him? There’s something important things that I want to talk with him.” Gayatri said and keep looking around.
“Stay away from my Nanha.” Dadi said and point finger on her. “He has nothing to do with u.” Gayatri start to laugh.
“Don’t forget that he is my son.” Gayatri put hand on her chest. “My own blood. And I have all the right to see him if I want.” Gayatri said and smile to her.
“Like you did before? Running away when he was little boy? You know how much you hurt him that day.” Dadi scream on her. “Shame on you. How you think that you can call him your son. Don’t forget my son blood also run in his Arteries.” Dadi said to her. “Now go out from here, before I lost my temperature.” Gaytari smile to her and shock her head.
“Fine I will go.” Gayatri said and walk to her. “But I just want to inform you, that what happens between Kabeer and Rachna was my plan.” Dadi was shock to hear it and look angry on Gayatri. “But it is just the beginning. u will see what I will do next.” Gayatri smile to her and walk out from the house.
Dadi start get worried about Kabeer life. Suddenly she feels pain in her chest. She put her hand on the chest and tries to stop the pain, but its keep hurt her. She saw the phone that was set on the dresser next to the couch and try to get to there. Suddenly she feel that the pain get strong. She gets on her knees and fold down on the floor.

Shail and Dayal get back home from shopping, with Packages In their hands.
“What happened with weather today? I never remember hot weather like this.” Dayal said and walk in the house.
“Go and get same rest. I will bring same cold water for u.” Shail said and take the Packages from dayal hands.
“Ok. Just don’t forget to close the doors.”Dayal said and go to his room.
“Sure” Shail said to him and go to close the doors. She comes to close the door and saw that the door of Triparti house was remains open and the lights were on. “Why the doors are open?” Shail was worried. “Dadi never keep the doors opened.”
She goes there and walks inside the house. “Hello. Anybody home?” Shail ask. She walk to the living room and saw Dadi lay on the floor, when she unconscious. Shail run to her and try to wake her up. “Dadi wake up. Dadi.” She saw that she didn’t resend and run to call Dayal.
She goes in to the house and goes to their room.
“Dhail.” She said and breathe heavy from the running.
“Shail what happened.” He saw that she intense and come to relax her.
“It’s Dadi. I think she had a heart attack.” Dayal get in shock. They both run back to Triparti house.
Gunjan hear they conversation and decide to inform Rachna about it

Rachna walk to her studio and saw all her Sketches of her designs on the floor. She gets to there and picks them up one by one. Suddenly she hears her mobile ringing. She looks on the mobile screen and show Gunjan name on it. Rachna smile and answer the call.
“Hello Gunjan. How are you?” Rachna was so happy to hear from her. Suddenly Rachna hear that Gunjan sound sad.
“Rachna, Dadi had heart attack.” Rachna eyes get wide. Her mobile slid from her hand and fold on the floor.


Kabeer drive back home and remember the conversation that he had with Vihaan.

“That it all was your mother plane.” Kabeer come to him and hold him from his shirt collar.
“Vihaan, you can tell me other lie but this it’s too much.” Vihaan get angry and release Kabeer hand from his shirt collar.
“I don’t lie. It is the true. Your mothers plan it all and she also use Sonal help for that.”
[End Flashback]

Suddenly Kabber start to understand. When Vihaan get close to Rachna, Sonal was also come and try keeping him away from Rachna.


Rachna and Vihaan were sitting next to her desk, Drink coffee and talking. Kabeer looked on then and get jealous, when he saw Rachna laughing from his joke. Kabeer look away and back to work on his design, when Suddenly Sonal enters the studio.
“Hi Kabeer.” She said and wave to him.
“Hi Sonal.” Kabeer said and keep work. Sonal get angry that he even not look on her. She put her hand on his back and come close to him. Rachna watch her touch Kabeer and also get jealous.
“What you doing?” Sonal ask him. Kabeer stop to work and notice Sonal hand on his back. He moves her hand away from him.
“I am working.” Kabeer said.
“Yes. I saw it.” Sonal giggle. “I am sorry. I don’t know what happened to me today. I am so confused today.” Kabeer look weird on her and back to work on his design. Sonal rubbing her forehead and walk away from there. Rachna saw Sonal going and smile. She was happy to see her going. Kabeer looked back on Vihaan and Rachna again, and saw them keep talking.
[End Flashback]

Now all became clear to him. Now he knows all the true and ready to fight for his love, He ready fight for Rachna.
Kabeer get to the house and cell Dadi. He wanted to tell her that she was right, when she told him to go to meet vihaan. But there was no sign to her. Suddenly he hears his phone ring. He gets his phone out from his jacket pocket and saw Vihaan name on the screen.
“What you want now?” Kabeer Ask him in angry way.
“Kabeer, Dadi in the hospital. She had a heart attack.” Kabeer was shock to hear it. He didn’t wait a minute and goes to the hospital.

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