Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 1)

24 Jun

RachnaAndKabeer Back

It was a hot day at the train station. Many people were waiting at the station for the train to arrival. Suddenly they heard the voice of the train from distance. All the people stand up and ready to get on the train. a girl come next to them and stand there watching the train get in to the station. The train stopped at the station the Sand flying through the air. All the people cover their eyes. The girl put her arms up and blocked the sand from her eyes.

“Rachna.” She hears same one call her. she turn around and happy to see her mother come to her with her fatter.
“Ma, papa.” What you both doing in here?” her mom was look on her when tears come down from her eyes.
“You think you can go without say good-bye to us.” Rachna smile when tears come down from her eyes. She come to them and hugs them both. Suddenly Rachna hear the man in the uniform that work in the station blowing at his whistle to tell the people to start get on the train. Rachna get back from her parents when they see her cry. Her mother puts her hand on her cheek and wipes her tears.
“Rachna, are you sure you want to do it?” Rachna look in to his mother eyes. Her eyes were full with tears. Rachna know that she never give her to stay away from her and she know that she not agree with that but Rachna don’t have any other choice for now it look like the right choice to make.
“Yes ma I want to do it.” Her mother get her head down hoping she was can make her stay. “ma don’t worry I will call you both the first moment that I get to there.” Her mother looks to her and smile. She put her hand on rachna cheek and nodded her head.
“Ok baithi. But take of yourself ok.” Rachna nodded her head. “and eat in the right time and also don’t forget to drink enough water.” Rachna start giggle
“OK maa I will never forget.” Rachna say and hug her mom and her father again.
“Take care of yourself baithi.” Her father say
“I will.” Her father put his hand on her head.
“God bless you.” He said and get off his hand slowly down. Rachna band over and hold her bag handle and start to walk to the train. Stop for a second and look back to her parents she see them Waving to her when her mother keep cry . Rachan wave back to them but also in the same time she look at the horizon hopping to meet him before she leaving. But it just looks like a dream that will never come true. Rachna close her eyes and let her tears go down from her eyes. She heard the man in the uniform that work in the station blowing at his whistle again. the Whistle was sound to Rachna like a wakeup call a call that tell her that it time to let the pass stay behind and to walk forward. She opens her eyes and get on the train.
The train starts to move and to leave the station Rachan see how she moves more and more away from her parents. Thoughts start to run in her mind did I do the right thing? If I stay away maybe it will change same thing? She was don’t have any answer to any of that question but she know she should try it and she know that in the moment she get on the train there no way back. The train was move more and more fast. Rachna No longer saw her parents in the horizon she get in the train and find a seat that was next to the window. She put her bag at the Shelf Cases. And go to sit on her seat when she looked at the view out the window. Why he didn’t come? I know he don’t want to talk with me but why he even not come to say good-bye? More and more question was running in her mind. Then she decide to make end for all this questions. she get her mobile out with Headphones from her Bag that was with her. She put the Headphones in her hears and click play on the music application that she has in the mobile that was include many of her favorite song.

Same man running in to the train station He comes next to the train track when he see the train has moving.
“excuse me sir.” He walk to the man in the uniform that work in the station “what train is it?” the man in the uniform look on his clock and check in his book.
“It was the train to Mumbai.” the man put his hand on his hip and Breathe gravity. “Can I help you?” he ask him
“No. it OK.” He smiles to him. The man in the uniform walks away and back to his work. “I wish I can see you in the last time before you leaving Rachna.” He Rubbed his forehead and walk away from there.
” Nanhe” Kt turn around and see Rachna parents stand in front of him. shail look on him and don’t know what he doing there. Kt comes in front of them and sees the anger in Dayal eyes.

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