Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 2)

24 Jun

-” Nanhe” Kt turn around and see Rachna parents stand in front of him. shail look on him and don’t know what he doing there. Kt comes in front of them and sees the anger in Dayal eyes. “Nanhe, what are you doing here?” Shail look angry on him. “After what you did to her it not enough for you.” Kt gets his head down when he put his hand together asking for forgiven
“I know you’re angry at me because of what happened but I…” Dayal stop KT and look angry on him.
“enough KT what happened has happened there no need to explain.” Kt looks on dayal and sees the anger in his eyes. Kt looks away and Feel guilty
“because of you I was have let my girl go away from me Even I don’t want to.” Kt stays in his place when he doesn’t say he word. Maybe now she will free to start a new life where you not in it.” Kt looks on shail and was shock to hear what she says. Dayal put his hand on shail shoulder. Shail wipe her tears and walk away from KT When Dayal support her. KT Try to stop them wish he can explain anything to them. But he know that there no chance to try. The last words that shail was said continued to repeat over and over in his mind.

-“because of you I was have let my girl go away from me Even I don’t want to. Maybe now she will free to start a new life where you not in it.”

Every word she said hurt him. He just understands that he just lost her forever and there noting he can do to change it.
Kt sits on the Bench in the station when he still shock. Other train as come in to the station and the Blew sand into the air. Kt closes his eyes and let his tears fold down.
“where ever you are now Rachna I wish you happy life.” KT Open his eyes slowly. He wipes his tears and go away from there.

The train was already half of way to Mumbai. Rachna was sitting on her seat Continue to listen to music from her phone. Suddenly the song was stop. Rachna look on the mobile And saw on the phone display the battery is low.
“no, no please don’t die now.” woman who was sit next to Rachna start giggle.
“Battery low?” rachna look on her and nodded her head. “That what bad with this device they die when you really need them.” Rachna smile to her, then she back to look out the window. “Look like you missing same one.” Rachna look back to the woman when tears start showing in her eyes.
“It’s my first time that I go alone.” The woman look on her and Rachna move again to look out the window. “So I miss my family.”
“it Look like you missing same body else.” Rachna turned quickly and looked at the woman when she is shocked after hearing her words.
“No… No…” she began to stutter. “No, there no someone else.” Rachna say and hide her tears when she wipes them away.
“You can hide it how much you want dear. But I can see at in your eyes.” Rachna was shocked to hear her. “You eyes say that you deeply in love. But it looks like something terrible happened that requires you to get up leave him.” Rachna look away and try to hide her tears. “But that will not solve the problem you cannot escape from your feelings for him. They will go after you, they will hunt you at night and they will not let you to sleep. Trust me You have to talk to him.” Rachna listen to the world the woman say and start to think. Is she right? Is she right? Does it really help? Will I be able to forget my feelings to him?
Rachna see the train moving fast and understand that the thing has been done and now it has no possibility of regret and only go forward and not look back

Kt back home he opens the door and get slowly in side when he walk slowly. Dadi that was waiting for him in the living room see him. She gets up from the couch where she sat and walk to him.
“Nanhe where is Rachna.” Dadi see him depressed with tears in his eyes.
“I lost her dadi. She is gone forever.” Dadi hold KT Hands
“What you mean forever, what you talking about?” Kt take a long breath.
“She wants to start new life.” He looks on dadi when tears fell from his eyes “Without me.” Dadi was shock to her it.
“No. it can’t happen Nanhe. Maybe Rachna confused right now maybe she need same time.” Kt gets away from Dadi
” It’s over Dadi.” Dadi stand in her place when tears in her eyes. “This time I lost her forever. There noting I can do about it. It’s over dadi. It’s over” He wipe his tears away and walk to his room. Dadi watch him goes.
“What love can do? She can give person happiness and she can also take it away” She said and feels bad for him and for rachna.

Kt Open the door to his room And saw the mess He and Rachna has left after they fought. He starts to remind how it was. The way he yells at her.

“There noting left to discus about. It’s over.”

He remembers the way she was looking on him with her tears in her eyes.

“I am sorry Kt. I am so sorry.”

He remembers the way she run from there. He was so angry that moment that he even not notice that he hurt her so much.” He walks inside the room and see Rachna Designs laying on his bed in messy way. He start gets them up one by one and look on any one of them. When he gets them all up he fined a ring that was lying below all the designs. He got it up from there, it was the ring that he proposed to Rachna with. He remembers that day he was the happiest person in the world. He just doesn’t know how he lost all of it. He walked to the dresser that was next to his bed and put all the designs in the drawer and put the ring on top of them and closed it.
-“I never want to hurt you. I never want to make you cry. I want that you be happy.” Tears start flow down from his eye he wipe it away. He takes his car Key from other Drawer close it and leave the room.

A woman sitting on a chair in a dark room with only one lamp lights up the room behind her Suddenly her phone ring she answer the call.
“The job has done ma’am. Ms Garg leaves to Mumbai.” The man in the phone says.
“Great job, Thank for info me that good news.” She says and ends the call. “After half of the job has done now it time to work on the half of it.” She says and starts to

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