Rabir – True Love never Die (Chapter 3)

24 Jun

Chapter 03

Dadi Sitting on the couch in the living room and try to think what she can do how she can heal the rift between Kt and Rachna. Suddenly she see Kt come down from the stairs and even not looking on her. Dadi get worry she stand up and walk after him.
“Nanhe where are you going?” she ask him but He didn’t answer her and keep Walked toward the front door, he open the door and walk out the house. Dadi come after him and saw him walking to his car opens the door and drive away from there. “Nanhe wait.” She gets down from the stairs run after him and try to stop him but he was far away from there and can’t hear her.
Dadi Stood there when she don’t knows what to do she felt hopeless and concern for her grandson. Dadi look to garg family house and see Shail stand there in the door with tears in her eyes. Dadi see her and run to her.
“Shail, Shail .” Dadi come in front of her and hold shail arms. “How all this happened? I don’t understand. Why rachna leave?” Shail look angry on dadi when tears kept streaming down her face. she get dadi hand away from her.
“Ask you Nanhe he know everything.” Dadi see the angry in shail eyes.
“No shail I am sure that Nanhe don’t mean it he didn’t mean to hurt rachna.” Dadi try to explain to her.
“But he did.” Dadi stop and look on shail. “He did hurt her, this why she leave just because of him.” Dayal hear the conversation and go out to there.
“Dadi It be better if you just leave us alone.” Dadi can’t believe how much they angry about Kt. Dayal hold shail arm and take her inside the house. Dadi walk slowly back to her house when she doesn’t know what more to do.

Meanwhile in Mumbai the train gets into the station and stopped there. Rachna take her stuff and get ready to get down from the train. When she get down from the train she start looking for her cousin that was need to come to pick her up.
“Where is she? She said she will be here?” Rachna looks at the clock on her hand And saw that it ten a clock. “I told her I will be here in ten and now it ten. Where she is?” Rachna keep looking around when suddenly she feel hand cover her eyes from behind.
“Do you recognize me?” say the person that cover her eyes.
“Anjali?” the person moved his hands from her eyes. Rachna turn and see her cousin anjali standing in front of her. Anjali is a very funny and friendly person. Love to enjoy life and always willing to help everyone. “Oh wow it is really you.” Rachna say and hug her and anjali hug her back.
“After a long time.” Anjali say. They both were so happy to see each other after 3 years that they don’t meet. Sometimes Rachna parent was taking her and her sister to Bombay to visit their relatives. Every time that Rachna was come to visit Anjali they was stay Together and share each other everything that happened to them.
Suddenly anjali hold rachna arm and get her away from her. She looked at her from Top to bottom. “Wow you look different.” Anjali say to Rachna. Rachna smile to her.
“and you look just the same. The same naughty girl I know.” Rachna start giggle.
“well same one was have to stay the same in this world.” Rachna look weird on Anjali and don’t know why she say same thing like that. “Ok let’s go, everyone in the waiting for you in home.” Rachna nodded her head and gripped the handle of her suitcase. “Should I help you?” anjali ask her.
“No I am fine.” Rachna smile to anjali And they both walked out of the station

Rachna and Anjali stand at the entrance to house.
“Hi, Look who is here.” anjali say and All the members in the house come to the welcome rachna. Rachna stand there when she put her hand together.
“Namaste” she say to them. They smile to her and greeting her. They let her come in the house. Rachna come in and look around. Even after years that she doesn’t visit them the house was stay the same. The same color, the same old pictures. all these reminded her of her best childhood days. Anjali mother come to rachna and hold her hand. Rachna look on her and see her worried.
“Rachna you mother call me and tell me that you come and that I should take care of you. So everything you need you can ask me.” Rachna smile.
“Sure Vijaya mausi I will thank you.” Vijaya mausi put her hand on her cheek and smile back to rachna.
“Anjali show Rachna her room.” Anjali Nodded her head and walk with Rachna to the room.

Rachna and Anjali walk into the room.
“Welcome to my room.” Anjali say.Rachna saw the room full of Salman khan posters and start giggle.
“Hi what are you giggling about?” Anjali stand in front rachna.
“noting, noting.” Anjali look angry on her and rachna tries to calm herself not to laugh
“ok now go and freshen up the dinner be ready any minute.” Anjali say and Left the room so she can freshen up and change clothes. Rachna gripped the handle of her suitcase and put it on the bed. She opened her suitcase and looks what to wear. Suddenly she hears something fell from her suitcase. When she go to see what is it she find a Gold bracelet on the floor. She bent down and picked it up. The bracelet was studded with white, red and black diamonds. It was the bracelet that Kabeer giveto Rachna when they celebrate her 19th birthday.

In Rachna 19th birthday celebrates
Rachna walking when her eyes cover with cloth and Kabeer put his hands on her shoulders and Show her the way.
“Kabeer please tell me where you taking me?” Rachna ask him.
“I can’t Rachna then it will not be a Surprise.” Rachna start giggle
“Don’t worry I know how to make myself surprised.” Kabeer start giggle
” We here.” He said and removes the cloth from her eyes. Rachna opened her eyes and saw a room full of candles and red roses. She also see a table in the middle of the room with Birthday cake that says happy birthday my wife on it. Rachna was shocked she looked at Kabeer and saw him smiling at her.
” Kabeer it is amazing. Thank you so much.” Rachna smile to him.
“Come let’s cut your cake.” Rachna Hold the knife in her hand and suddenly she felt Kabeer hand holding her hand. They cut the cake together. “Happy birthday Meri Hone Vali Patni. (My future wife)” Kabeer whispered in her ear and makes her smiled shyly. She takes Piece from the cake and feed Kabeer. Kabeer took a piece of cake and came to feed her instead he Spread her nose with frosting of the cake. Kabeer Laugh on her, rachna takes the piece from Kt hand and Spread the frosting on his nose. Kabeer looked shocked at her but when he saw her laughing and smiling from ear to ear he could not stop it and began to laugh too.
Kabeer take out a small box that was wrapped in shiny silver paper and handed it to her.
“Happy birthday Rachna.” Rachna take the box from him and remove the shiny silver paper. When she opens the box she see Gold bracelet studded with white, red and black diamonds.
“wow Kabeer. Thank you I like it a lot.” She said and smile to him.
“Come I would wear it on your hand.” Kt takes the Gold bracelet out from the box and takes Rachna hand and wear the Gold bracelet on it. He took her hand and kissed her palm. Rachna get blushed and walk away from him. Kabeer hold her hand and make her stop, she stood still and listened to his steps that he walks towards her. Every Step he made make her heart pulse go faster and faster. Kabeer stand behind her and Put his hand on her belly. Rachna felt his breath on her neck and close her eyes. Kabeer kissed her neck softly and get her more close to her. Rachna moan and hold Kabeer hand that was on her belly. Kabeer hold one of her hand and turn her to him. rachna stand close to him when her hand holding his arms and her head resting on his chest. Rachna was can listen to his heart beating fast when he hold her. Kabeer put his hands on Rachna low back and began to move from side to side as they dance slow to their heart Beats. Rachna put her hand on his back and sacrificed herself more closely to him so she could hear his heart Beat more clearly. “I wish I can hold you like this forever.” Kt say and hold her more close to him.
“Don’t worry Mr Kabeer Tripathi you wish will come true soon.” Kabeer start giggle.
“I love you Rachna.” Rachna Love to hear him say those three words even though he said it to her more than one time every time they affected her like the first time. The heart beats faster and the breathing gets choking.
“I love you too Kabeer.” She said and they keep move from side to side and dance slow to their heart Beats.

Rachna smile and tears come down from her eyes. but then she remembers the last words that Kabeer tell her when they fight.
“There noting left to discus about. It’s over.”
“What is happening to me? Why I am still thinking about him? I should keep myself away from him.”  She takes the Gold bracelet and hide it under all the clothes in the suitcase. She took some clothes from the suitcase and she wipe her tears away When she get her head up see all Salman khan posters. she feels like he watching her. “I think I should go to change in the bathroom.” She says and goes to the bathroom.

Kabeer was drive in his car when he try to forget Rachna and everything that happen between them but it just get more worst. He remember how rachna was use to sit next to him and make the calls with their clients. He remember how she was use to check herself in the mirror when they was going to meeting with same new client, Even though he told her many times that she looks good. He turned on the radio thought it would help but then suddenly he hear them play one of Rachna favorite song,

Ishq Bulaava, Jaane Kab Aave
Who knows when the call of love will come
Ishq Bulaava, Aave Jab Aave…
The call of love will come when the time is right
Main Ta Kol Tere Rehna (x2)
I want to be near You
Main Ta Baitha Kol Tere…
I want to sit beside you

Tainu Takda Ravaan
I want to keep on gazing at you
Baaton Pe Teri Hansda Ravaan
I want to laugh/smile on your talks/words
Pagal Main Khud Nu Banaanda Ravaan
I want to make myself go crazy (in love)
Tu Hansdi Rave, Main Hansaanda Ravaan
May You keep on laughing and I want to make You laugh
Tainu Takda Ravaan
I want to keep on gazing at you
Kabeer remember the time when he was in the car with Rachna and this song was play in the radio.

The song was play in the radio rachna smile and turn to volume on. Kabeer get angry and turn to volume down.
“Hi Kt I that my favorite song.” Rachna say
“so… it’s not saying that you can hear it out loud.” Rachna look angry on him and turn the volume up again. Kt looks on her and switch the channel. Rachna reach her hand to the radio and switch it back to the other channel. Kt looks on Rachna and saw that she acting likes she didn’t do anything. He reach his hand to the radio and switch again. Rachna look angry on him and saw him acting like he didn’t do anything. Rachna come to switch the channel again when suddenly her hand touched Kabeer hand. Rachna and Kabeer look on each and took their hand back. Rachna feel shy and look into the windows suddenly she was not care what channel it was. Kabeer look on Rachna He reach his hand to the radio and switch the channel back where Rachna favorite song was play. Rachna Looked at him and saw him smiling at her and she smile back at him.

Kabeer shut the radio off and stopped the car on the side of the road. He got of the car, slammed the door and walked away from there.
” Why, Why is it so hard to forget you? Every time I try there always something that reminds me of you? Why Rachna tell me why?” Kt scream and Fell on his knees on the ground when tears falling from his eyes

Rachna get out from the bathroom when she wearing a blue Salwar Kameez.
“I totally forgot.” She takes her mobile out from her bag and charging her mobile. When the mobile finely turn on she take it and called home. “Hello mom.” Rachna say.
“Rachna where are you? I was waiting for your call.” Shail say when she sound worried
“I am ok mom I’m just calling to let you know that I am just arrived.” Rachna say.
“I call Vijaya mausi and I told her about everything so if you need same thing she will help you.” Shail talk with tears in her eyes.
“I know mom she tell me. Ok I have to go now they call me for dinner.”Rachna say when tears come down from her eyes
“Ok. Rachna take care of yourself.” Shail say when she smiles but the tears keep going.
“Don’t worry mom I will.” Rachna end the call and wipe her tears. She know that not easy for her mother to send her away from their home and it also not easy for her but she know that she most do it, she most stay away. Rachna take her mobile and put it back on the table that it will keep charging. When she come to leaving the room she hear her mobile ring again. She run to her mobile. “It the phone number of Kabeer house.” Rachna thinking what she should do answer or not. she put the phone back but then take it and answer the call. “Hello.” Suddenly Rachna hear someone panting on the other line. “Dadi?”
“Rachna Nahne Left the house in the before 3 hours and not back yet. Rachna I am worried about him.” Rachna Was shocked when she heard that Kt was gone.
“Don’t worry dadi I sure he will back soon.” Rachna try to clam dadi
“No Rachna I know him he can do everything.” Suddenly Rachna also get worry about Kabeer. “I worry Rachna.” Rachna get wake from her thought
“Don’t worry dadi everything be fine.” Rachna say. Suddenly Dadi hear same one knock on the door.
“Rachna I think it him. I will call you back soon.” She says and end the call
“Dadi.” Rachna look on the phone and see that the call has end. After she spoke with Dadi she started worrying about kabeer. Is he can really do that?

“No Rachna I know him he can do everything”
that sentence keep ran through Rachna mind over and over again.

Dadi goes to the door and when she opens the door she was amused to know that the person in the door was not her grandson nahne but it was not other than Sonal Kabeer ex girlfriend.
“Hi dadi” sonal stood at the door and smiled at Dadi but Dadi was not happy to see her there.

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