Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 4)

24 Jun

Dadi goes to the door and when she opens the door she was amused to know that the person in the door was not her grandson nahne but it was not other than Sonal Kabeer ex girlfriend.
“Hi dadi” sonal stood at the door and smiled at Dadi but Dadi was not happy to see her there.
“Sonal? You?” Dadi ask and look angry on Sonal. Sonal move her hair behind the ear and smile to her. “What you doing here?” dadi ask her.
“I come to meet kabir.” She says and walks inside the house without asking dadi. Dadi close the door and walk to Sonal that was standing in the living room and look around to find Kabir.
“Can I ask you why you come to meet him?” Sonal look on dadi and smile to her.
“I ask kabir to design a wedding dress for Me.” it not was easy for dadi to believe what Sonal says after all she know that Sonal willing to do anything to get the kabir back.
“Is it true? You really going to get marry?” dadi ask her. Sonal walk to dadi and hold her arm.
“Dadi I know after what happened in the pass you lost your faith in me. But I have change I am different person now. When I met my future husband I realized what true love is.” Dadi still look weird on her and can’t believe her. “You still not believe me. So what you say about that ring?” Sonal show dadi the ring on her finger it was Yellow gold diamond. “Now you believe me?” Sonal ask her. dadi Nodded her head.
“Btw where is kabir?” Sonal asking her and look around.
“Kabir left.” Dadi say to her. Sonal look shock on dadi
“left? What you mean left?” she ask her.
-“He go out before 4 hours and not returned yet.” Dadi say. Sonal see get worried
“Kt leave but why?” Dadi look on Sonal when she thinking should she tell her the true or should not.
It Mumbai the night has come and Rachna and Anjali was already deep sleeping. Suddenly Rachna began to shrink her forehead and move her head from side to side.
“Kt.” She whisper quietly

Rachna Dream
Rachna saw herself in a dream get up on High Mountain and look around. It was night and the place was dark and empty from people.
“Kt?” Rachna look around looking for Kabir.
“Rachna.” Rachna hear Kabir voice. She turn around and see him stand in front of her when suddenly tears come down from her eyes. She run to him and hug him when she rested her head on his chest.
Why are you doing this to me KT? Why? Why you make it so hard to forget you why.” Kt smile and hug her back when he put one hand on her back and his other hand on her head and Rested his chin on her forehead.
It’s not even easy for me too rachna.” Suddenly Rachna notice that she hugging kabir and she start walk back from him. Kabir looked at her when he confused and don’t understand what happened. Rachna wipe her tears.
“I can’t do it again kt.” She looks on him and Shook her head. “I can’t do it again. I can’t forgive you anymore.” Kabir was shock to hear her. “I don’t want to get hurt again. I want to live happy life.” Tears come down from Kabir eyes. “I know it be hard for me to forget you but it be better if I will stay away from you. So forgive me Kt but I can’t.” she turn and start to walk away.
“I accept your choose Rachna and you have all the right for it. It your life and I want you to be happy.” Rachna look back on Kt and see him smile to her with tears in his eyes. “But I can’t do it Rachna I can’t forget you. I can’t forget what we have, I can’t forget what we were and I cannot forget that you were supposed to be my wife.” Rachna start cry and Shook her head. “I can’t live without you. I just can’t.” Kt say and He wipes his tears away. “That why it’s better for me to go away.” Rachna looked at him as she confused and don’t understand what he say. “Please forgive me about all the pain that I give to you. I love you rachna.” He closes his eyes and let the dears flow. “I love you.” Rachna see Kabir walk back until he gets to the Mountain Cliff and fold from there.
“Kt!” Rachna scream.

Rachna wake up from her nightmare and sit up on her bed. She put her hand on her chest and feel her heart beat get fast. She looks to the side and see anjali still sleeping. Rachna get out from the bed and Walked to the window. She looked at the moon that was full.
“what that dream was about? Why I dream about him? What that dream try to tell me? His he really going to do it?” her Thoughts don’t leave her. She starts to step from one side of the room to another when she tried to calm herself down. She knew that if she will go to bed she will not be able to fall asleep and her moves will wake up anjali.
When Rachna keep walking side to side she fined a Pencil and pages on the desk of anjali. Rachna walked to there and sit on the chair quietly without make noise. She takes the pencil and the pages and starts to draw same Sketches of designs. She draws them all over the night until she finely falls to sleep with her head lying on the desk.

The night already comes but still there was no sign of kabir and dadi get worried. She looks on the clock and sees that it already 10pm. suddenly the door was open and Kabir walk inside. Dadi was happy to see him and Tears of joy flooded from her eyes.
” Nahne you back.” dadi run to him and hug him but Kabir stay in his place without do nothing. “You know how much I worried about you? Dadi look on kabir and see him standing there like he dead man when he not look at her not hug her and even not cry. Dadi put her hand on his cheek. “Nahna what happened with you? Why you don’t say same thing? Please nahne.” Kabir hold dadi hand and take it down from him. Dadi Looked strange on him and don’t understand what happened to him. Kabir leave the living room.

He walks to his studio and see Sonal there waiting for him. Sonal see him and run to hug him.
“Thank god Kabir you back I was worried.” Kabir stay in his place without do nothing. “Dadi tell me everything I so sorry about what happened between you and Rachna.” Suddenly Kabir hold sonal arm and move her away from him.
“What you doing here Sonal?” he asks her.
“I come to see the wedding dress that you design for me.” Kabir get to his desk And began to sort out all the mess.
“I am not done with it yet.” Sonal smile and move her hair back and walk to him.
“Kabir.” She says and put her hand on his shoulder. Kabir stop to work and saw her hand. “I know you pass same bad time but you know that I am your best friend and you can tell me everything.” Kabir look on Sonal and see her smiling to him.
“Forgive me Sonal but I have many work to done. So it would be better if you just leave.” He said and get her hand down from him and back to his work.
“Fine I will leave. But remember I am your best friend.” Sonal say and walk away from there.

The morning has come and anjuli do her way slowly out from her bed. She stands next to her bed and do same stretching when suddenly she find Rachna sleeping with her head lying on the desk.
“Poor girl. it must have been hard for her to fall asleep at night.” Anjuli come to her. “Rachna it time to wake up.” anjuli try to wake her up. “Rachna.” Anjuli reach her hand to wake rachna up when suddenly she find all the design Sketches that rachna draw in the night. Anjuli get the Sketches up from the desk and watch them one by one. “Oh my god they are good.” She looks on them and then looks on Rachna. “I need to find out what it all about.” Anjuli say and watch rachna when she still sleeping.

Kt walks to the studio in night and think to keep working on sonal wedding dress when he see Rachna table. He walks to rachna table and take all her stuff from the table and put it in the boxes. Suddenly he fined one of Rachna Sketches design of groom Sherwanis.

Kabir was working on same bride wedding dress when rachna come slowly behind him and smile.
“Kt how is it?” Kabir turn to Rachna and she show him the Sketch design of Monaco Blue groom Sherwanis. He takes it from her hand and look on it.
“wow Rachna it very good.” Kabir look on her and see her smiling. He put the sketch on his desk, open his laptop and start search for Fabrics.. “I will order the Types of fabrics and we will start work on it right away.” Rachna take the Sketch from his desk.
“No we can’t.” Kabir look weird on Rachna and see her holding the sketch close to her.
“Rachna it great design and I really want to add it to my Collection.” Kt says to her and sees Rachna Blush.
“Sorry KT you can’t.” Rachna say and smile to him. Kabir stand up in front of her and put his hand on his hips.
“Can you explain to me why you don’t let me work on your design?” He asks her. rachna smile to him.
“Because this design I sketch for someone.” Kt look confused. “I design it for you to wear it in our wedding.” Kabir was shock to hear it. Rachna get Blush and run away from there. Kt smile and Shook her head.

He looks on the Sketch and wipes his tears away.
“I remember how we both were waiting for our wedding. I remember how happy you were when I finely propose to you. Now all of it look like a dream a dream that never come true but the memories still left in small boxes inside my heart.” Suddenly Kabir feel a hand on his shoulder. He looks back and sees dadi standing inform of him.
“Nahne I know what you pass but I can’t see you like this.” Kt put Rachna Sketch in the box and put it away where all the other boxes.
“Don’t worry dadi. I am fine.” Kabir walk to Rachna table and see all her stuff on the table.
“Nahne you can lie how much you want but I know you.” Dadi come and put hand on Kabir shoulder. “I know you missed her Nahne, I know that you hurts but please don’t keep me away from you. You like a son to me you the only one I have.” Kabir walk to dadi and hug her.
“I am sorry Dadi.” Dadi hug him back and start cry. “I was so Focus on my pain that I forget you. I am sorry dadi.” Dadi smile with tears in her eyes when she happy to hears his voice again and she hug him more close to her.
“My child.” Kabir hug her and smile with tears in his eyes.

Rachna finely wake up start to wake up. She gets her head up from the desk and opens her eyes. When she opens her eyes she saw Anjuli stand next to her when she holding the Sketches that Rachna drew in the night.
“You want to tell me same thing?” Rachna was shock to see her Sketches in anjali hand
“Anjuli it’s noting it just my Hobby.” Rachna stand up and try to take the sketches from anjuli hand. Anjuli get her hand away from Rachna.
“Really? But from my eyes it looks more than hobby it looks more like a talent.” Rachna try to steal the sketches again from anjuli again and but she keep it away from her.
“So I get telant so what?” Rachna ask when she looks angry about her.
“this great rachna you should work as a Clothing designer.” Rachna walk away from anjuli.
“But I did.” Rachna scream. Anjuli come to her and look shock on her.
“You work as Clothing designer?” Rachna look on her and nodded her head. “So why you leave? Anjuli ask her.
“You want to know you really want to know?” Rachna ask her and Anjuli Nodded her head.

Kabir start working in the studio on Sonal wedding dress when suddenly his mobile starts ring. He walks to his desk and pick up his mobile. He sees Vihaan name on the scene. He reject the call and back to work and his mobile starts to ring again. Kabir pick up his mobile and see that it’s Vihaan again He rejects the call and turns his mobile off.
Vihaan call Kabir again but this time he gets message that kabir mobile was switch off. Vihaan close his phone and thinking what to do.
“I should talk with him where ever he like it or not.

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