Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 11)

01 Jul

In the night, Kabeer stay in the hospital alone. He was sit on the chair outside and try to sleep but he was can’t. He rubbed his eyes and decided to go and make coffee for himself. When he stands up he was amazed to saw Rachna standing in front of him. They both look on each other without said a word.


ā€‹”Rachna, what are you doing here in this hour?” He asks her.
“I need to talk with you.” she said. “I can’t accept Dadi wish. I live now in Mumbai with My cousin. I also promised myself that will never come here again.” Kabeer looked away.
“I understand you Rachna. Even I can’t accept Dadi wish, especially after what happens between us.” Kabeer look on her and see her looking away. “But she is my Dadi and her healthy is important to me. That why I accept her wish.” Kabeer said to her. Rachna look on him and was shock to hear him.
“Dadi also dear to me and I ready to do everything for her. But I can’t accept that wish.” Kabeer look away.
“Look Rachna. It’s your life. I already make my choose I going to accept her wish. If you want you can take your time and think what you want to choose, the people you loved or your own promise.” Kabeer said and walk away from there. Somehow the words he said were true. Rachna leave Banaras for her own good but she didn’t notice that she left behind many people that love her. Rachna walk to the window and saw dadi sleeping on the bed when Tears come down from her eyes.
“You right Kt. I am selfish. I leave Banaras what out notice that I leave all the people that I love behind but not now, not anymore.”


Sonal walk to her house and remember how Kabeer avoiding her. She tries to think what has change that he starts to behave like that to her. Suddenly she hears same one clapping behind her. She turns around and saw Vihaan standing in front of her Smiling. Sonal look on him in angry way and move her hair behind her ear.
“Wow what acting you done Sonal. Very good, I think you should be an actress.” Sonal was stay in her place without say anything. Vihaan come and standing behind her. “You so… worried about Dadi na?” Vihaan ask her and start laughing. “Stop your acting. Aap tumhare khel khatam ho gaya.” Sonal looked angry on him.
“You tell him, you tell Kabeer everything did you?” Sonal ask him. Vihaan walk away and put his hand on his hips.
“I tell you that I will do it, whatever you like it or not.” Vihaan say and look back on her. “And I did.”
“Wait when Kabeer will find out that you also was part of it.” Sonal said and point on him.
“You not need to. I already tell him.” Sonal was stay with her mouth open. Vihaan walk to her and start to laugh on her. “Sonal. Now you can call Gayatri and tell her that Usake khel khatam. Because now Kabeer know all the true.” Sonal looked angry on him. Vihaan smile in her face and walk away from her house.
“Whatever you do Vihaan, I will keep do my best to Kabeer away from Rachna in any way. Sonal said and smile.

Kabeer walk back with cup of coffee in his hand and saw Rachna sitting on the chair. Kabeer sit away from her and take Sips from his coffee.
“Are you still here?” Kabeer ask.
“I stay for Dadi.” Rachna said to him. Kabeer nodded his head and keep drink his coffee. They both look to other way and try to avoid eye connection.
“I accepting Dadi wish. I will stay in Banaras.” Kabeer was in shock to hear her. They both look on each other and worry about what will happens next. But they both know that they both doing that for Dadi healthy.

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