Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 12)

12 Jul

The Morning came. Rachna opened her eyes slowly and looked around. Suddenly she realized Kabeer sleeping next to her, and her head was resting on his chest as they both covered with a blanket. Rachna raised her head and looked at him as he sleeps serenity. She always loved to watch him sleep. He looks like a child immersed in sleep. A smile appeared on the face of Rachna. She reached out to caress his cheeks, but suddenly she stopped herself when she remembered that day when they were arguing.

-“Kt I tell you there noting between me and vihaan.” Rachna say to Kabeer with tears in her eyes.
-“Don’t lie to me Rachna.” Kt gets angry on her. “I saw you both in the studio Rachna. I saw every think… “Rachna saw the anger in Kabir eyes and run away from their crying

Smile appeared on her face as slowly disappeared and tears began to flow priority. She pulled back her hand and looked at Kabeer as she still does not understand how they got into this situation. Rachna looked around to make sure no one sees it. She wiped her tears, took the blanket and covered Kabeer with it. She came over and could not believe how much she still loves him. She placed her lips gently on his forehead and kissed it gently without waking him. She smile, stood up and began to walk away.
Kabeer woke up and rubbed his eyes. When he opened his eyes he noticed that Rachna was not there. He thought probably she returned home. He stood up, folds the blanket and went to make coffee for himself.

Dadi was Rests on the bed when she suddenly heard the gentle voice of Rachna calling her.
“Dadi “Dadi slowly opened her eyes and saw Racnha sitting next to her with lunch box in her hands.
“Oh Rachna, it was you. And for a moment I thought it was an angel calling me.” Dadi said and start laughing
“Dudi.” Rachna asked Dadi to stop.
I know. This can only be the voice of my angel. “Dadi said and patting Rachna cheek.
“Dadi mom sent you same food.” Rachna brought her the lunch box. Dadi took the box from her and sniffed the smell of food.
“Mmm … my favorites dish.” Rachna smiled. Dadi put the box on the dresser that was next to the bed and holding Rachna hand. “You know Rachna after you and Kabeer broke up Shail did not want to talk with me and now look… She beginning to send me her love again and make me the dishes that I love.” Rachna looked on dadi and did not understand why she telling her all this. “I like you and your family a lot. You All family to me and I do not want anything to come between us. That’s why I asked you and Kabeer to get back together. So what you say Rachna do you accept my request?” Rachna watched Dadi as she waits to hear an answer from her. Kabeer was passing by and saw both of from the window. He looked how Dadi was looking on Rachna with her hand wrapped around Rachna hand. Rachna looked back on Dadi and nodded.
“Yes I agree.” She said. Dadi smiled with tears in the eyes and Reached out to hug Rachna. Rachna smiled and hugged Dadi close. Kabeer saw the faces of Rachna and Dadi shining with joy and promised that he would do everything to keep them both happy, Even if he will need to go against his mother.


Gayatri stepped to her desk, picked up the phone and dialed.
“Hello Mr. Sharma. I hope you not forget me?” She asked him
“How can I forget You Gayatri.” He replies
“All the documents are ready?” She asks him
“Yes Mrs. Tripathi.” He said to her. Suddenly Gayatri saw that she has waiting call.
“Sharma sir. I will talk with you later. She told him and answer to the other call.
“Mrs. tripathi. Rachna has back to Banaras.” said one of her people
“What?” She stop in her place and was shocked to hear that. “It can’t be.”
“Yes ma’am. Dadi had a heart attack and Vihaan brought Rachna back to Banaras. “He said.
“That Vihaan. You follow them. I want all the information about them. “She said aloud.
“Yes ma’am.” He said and ends the call. Gayatri hit the table with the phone and start to get angry.
“Vihaan. I not had done with you yet.”

Vihaan went into the Dadi room and saw her lying on the bed when she suddenly wake up and see him smiling to her.
“Hello Mr. Vihaan.” Dadi smiled at him.
“Hey Dadi. How are you doing?” vihaan asked her and came to sit on the chair.
“Not so good but I am ok now, after I received my Rabir back.” Dadi said with a smile on her face. “And I have to thank you for returning Rachna to Banaras.” Vihaan smiled at her.
“You should also thanks to Gunjan. She’s the one that calling Rachna and let her know about your condition.” Dadi smiled.
“Gunjan and her ideas.” Dadi giggled. “I think my heart attack only do good to others.” Vihaan put his hand on Daddy hand.
“Do not say anything like that Dadi. We were worried about you.” He told her.
“Do not worry Vihaan. As long I got the Rachna back, Noting can break me now. Dadi told and smile to him. Vihaan suddenly look sad and wrapped Dadi hand with his hand.
“Dadi, there is something that I have to tell you.” He said and looking at the floor.
What happened Vihaan batha? She asked him when she looks at him concern about him.
I also helped Gayatri. Dadi was shocked to hear it and pulled her hand back from him. Vihaan looked at her and saw that she not looking at him. He was can notice the anger on her face. “But when I saw Rachna Hurt badly from this situation, I felt bad about it and I regretted about what I did. Rachna not love me anymore, she love Kabeer and Kabeer love her. I ready to do everything to get them back together again. Even if Gayatri be like to kill me. I do not care.” Dadi held his hand and patting on his back.
“I am proud and Vihaan batha. You do not like Sonal. You’re a good guy with a big heart. I’m proud of you.” Vihaan took her hand and smiled at her.
“Thank you Dadi”. Vihaan said. Suddenly he saw mischievous grins on Dadi face.
“Vihaan can I ask you same thing?” Dadi ask him. Vihaan looked at her when he concerned about her question.
“Of course Dadi. What’s that?” he asked her.
After you’ve done working with Gayatri … will you like to work with me? And Vihaan was shocked to hear it. He looked at Dadi and saw her keep smiling that mischievous smile.

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