Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 13)

14 Jul

Rachna walk in the Hospital hallways. She gets her mobile and make a call.
“Hello anjali.” Rachna said.
“Rachna. Where are you? Is everything ok?” Anjali ask. Rachna think how she can tell Anjali that she decide to stay in Banaras.
“Don’t worry Anjali, everything is OK. Dadi is fine.” Rachna know She had to tell her that she and her family would not worry. She closed her eyes and take long breath. “Listen Anjali. I think I will stay in Banaras for couple of weeks.” Rachna feel uncomfortable when she said that. She know that Anjali will not be happy to hear it. They just meet after long time and now she have to leave again.
“I understand Rachna. Dadi need you and you should stay with her.” Anjali said when she sound little bit Disappointed.
“I am so sorry Anjali. When I will back to Mumbai, I will make sure that we will celebrate more time together.” Rachna said to her, try to make her happy.
“Really?” Anjali said with smile on her face.
“Yes. We will.” Rachna said to her. Suddenly Rachna saw Kabeer come to her and talking with Dadi doctor. “OK Anjali I will talk with you soon. Rachna whisper to her.
Ok. take care Didi. Anjali said. The doctor walk away and Kabeer come to rachna and saw her ending the call.
“Who it was?” He asks her.
“I have to inform my Cousin that I will stay Banaras for a while.” Kabeer nodded his head and didn’t say a word. “What the doctor said?” Rachna ask him.
“He said that Dadi get better and I can take her back home this evening. Kabeer said when he look away, try to avoid eyes connect with Rachna.
“This is really good new Kt.” Kabeer look on her notice that she just calls him Kt. She never calls him Kt since what happened.


Rachna look weird on him and notice that she just names him Kt. Kabeer feel awkward and looked away.
“Rachna, it’s already late. I think you should go home. I will stay her. Kabeer said.
“No Kabeer. I will stay here. If I will go, Dadi will start to suspect about us.” Kabeer know that she right and can’t do nothing about it.
“I will go to bring us same thing to drink.” Rachna nodded. Kabeer look away and walk from there. Rachna watch him going. She knows that he not feel so comfortable with her around him. But what she can do they both accept Dadi wish But Rachna don’t know how long they will have to acting like this.

Dayal sit on the sofa in the living room and read his news paper. Shail get in to the living room with cup of tea. She put it on the small table in front of him.
“Here is your tea.” Snail said and walks away. Dayal put the news paper on the small table and take a sip from his tea.
“Shail, is it happy that Rachna come back home?” Dayal ask her and take another sip from his tea. Shail turn and smile to him.
“Yes it is. I am so happy that our daughter back home.” Snail said and walk back to Dayal.
“The house full of happiness again don’t you think? Dayal ask her.
“Yes it is…” Suddenly Shail remember what Rachna tell her yesterday

“Dadi ask me and Kabeer to back to be together again.” Shail was in shocked to hear it. “And I don’t know what to do.” Rachna said and back to look through the window. “When I was in Mumbai I try my best to forget Kabeer but it didn’t happen. Every day I was thinking about him.” Rachna turn to her mother and hold her arms “maa please tell me what to do. Please Maa.” Rachna start Bagging to her.
[End Flashback]

“Shail.” Shail wake from her thought. “Are you ok?” Dayal ask her.
“Yes I am OK. I just worry about Dadi”.Shail said.
I am also worry about her but I hope she will be fine soon.” Dayal said.
Shail was also worry about Dadi but she was also worry about rachna. What will happen next? What will happen between her and Kabeer.

Kabeer and Rachna hold Dadi hands and help her to get up from the bed.
“It’s ok kids. I can stand by my own.” They both release Dadi hands and walk away from her. Dadi lost her Balance and all most fold.
“Dadi.” Rachna said. Kabeer and Rachna run and hold her. Suddenly Kabeer feel that he hold Rachna hand. He looks on her and saw her looking away, like she doesn’t know what to do. Kabeer release her hand and hold Dadi arm when he keep watching Rachna hiding from him behind Dadi.
“Ms Tripathi.” Kabeer, Rachna and Dadi saw the doctor walk in. “Here the medication for Dadi. Make sure that she will take it in time.” The doctor said.
“Oh no more medication. You know that is not tasty.” Dadi said to the doctor. Rachna giggle quietly.
“Sorry Dadi. But no one make any medication that it’s tasty.” The doctor said and smile to Dadi. “And yes. Be sure that she will not eat Sweets.”
“Oh great. Now you’re really ruining it. I was OK with the medication but sweats?” Dadi said and shake her head.
“Dadi, you have to do what the doctor said”. Kabeer said to her.
“No. I don’t care. I want to eat sweats. Dadi was Stubborn and didn’t listen to them.
“Dadi. You not feel so good now and you have to take care about yourself, so please accept what the doctor said. For me? Rachna ask her. Dadi look on her and nodded.
“Ok. But only if you give me the medication.” Dadi said to Rachna. Rachna smile and nodded.

“Acha. When I ask you to listen to the doctor you not accept it but when she asks you agree quickly?” Kabeer ask Dadi.
“That because you didn’t ask politely Nahna.” Rachna giggle and Kabeer was look angry on both of them.

Kabeer and Rachna walking to the car when they holding Dadi from the both side. Same one was hiding behind the Bushes and watching them. Kabeer open the door and help Dadi to get in the car.
“Well… I think I will go home now.” Rachna said and start walking from there.
“Rachna. where are you going?” Dadi ask her. Rachna look back on Dadi. “We are also going to the same direction. We Neighbors you forget?” Rachna look on Kabeer and see him nodded his head. Rachna walk to the car and Kabeer open the door for her. Rachna feel uncomfortable and get to the car. Kabeer close the door, goes to sit at the driver seat and drive from there. The man that was hiding behind the Bushes takes his mobile out and makes a call.
“Yes. They are just leaving the hospital and they are on the way” he end the call. Hide his face with the collar of his jacket and walk from there.

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