Dark Memories – Chapter 1

22 Jul

Dark memories

It was a cold, rainy night. Half of the hospital staff was on their way home. Suddenly Inspector came to the hospital, full with blood when he raises his friend on his hands.
-“Doctor! I need a doctor urgently!” He shouted loudly. Everyone wanted to him and took his friend from his hands. One of the brothers that were in the area came up with Stretcher and they placed him on it. The doctor ran to them and began to examine the injured Inspector. The Inspector was wounded in the head and chest. The doctor started to examine the depth of the injury.
– “Can you tell me how your friends get injured Inspector?” the doctor asked his friend when he keep checking the injured Inspector.
– “We encountered Shootout. Two shots were fired and then I found him on the floor full of blood.” The Inspector said when he worried about his friend. The doctor checked the pulse of the Inspector and realized that he must save him immediately.
-“Nurse!” The doctor turned to a nurse by his side. “Get him in emergency room and get him ready to Surgery Immediately! We have to save him.” The nurse and more two nurses began to drag Stretcher into the emergency room. The Inspector grabbed the hand of the doctor. The doctor looked at him and saw him concern about his friend.
– “Doctor …” The doctor put his hand on his and calm him down.
– “We will do everything to save him. Don’t worry.”
The sisters prepared the Inspector to the Surgery and put the breathing mask on his face. The doctor came and began to analyze him.

The Inspector friend was waiting outside in the waiting room. When he is not calm and move from side to side in the hallway.
– “Joe” Suddenly he heard a voice calling to him. He looked back and saw their boss running in to him. “Joe. What happened? How it’s happen? How Mark was injured?” Joe began running all what happened in his head
– “We encountered Shootout. We could not see the shooter’s face. We started shooting to any directions when suddenly I heard two shots. I looked back and I saw mark on the floor unconscious.” The boss was looked him and put a hand on his shoulder.
– “Don’t worry. He will be fine.” Joe looked at him.
– “This is not what the doctor said.” The boss was stunned to hear that.
– “What did the doctor said?” The boss asked him.
– “He said that he should analyze him immediately.” Joe replied. Suddenly they saw the doctor coming out from the operating room and walk toward them.
– “Doctor what his condition?” Joe asked him,
– “we get out the bullets and stopped the bleeding. His condition is stable now.” Joe and his boss are happy to hear that. “But the Head injury has caused serious injury in his memory.” They both stood stunned in front of him.
– “What do you mean? He cannot remember anything?” The boss asked the doctor.
– “He suffers from short term memory loss. The intention is that he cannot remember anything of what happened.” Joe the boss looked at each other when they both don’t know what to do.

Mark lay on the bed and started to slowly return to recognition. He began moving his fingers one by one and started moving his hand. He opened his eyes slowly and didn’t understand where he is.
– “Where am I?” He asked himself. He looked around and saw the Medical Device surround around him. He tried to move his arm but it was painful. He saw a needle that was connected to his vein. He grabbed the needle and started to take it out of his arm.
– “What are you doing?” He looked on the door and saw a nurse came into the room. She ran to him immediately and put the needle back to his arm. “You cannot take it out. You’re losing a lot of blood and you must have it.” She said and began to examine the data that appeared on medical devices.
– “What am I doing here? What happened to me?” He asked her.
– “You were come to us with serious injuries in your head and your chest. But don’t worry we already took care of it.” Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his head. He put his hand on his forehead and felt the bandage that was wrapped around his head.
– “How did this happen?” She looked at him when she sees him looked confusing.
– “I’m sorry, sir. I’m not a cop I am a nurse in the hospital.” She said. After she done checking the devices. She walked to his bed and smiled at him. “You have lots of luck Mr. Daniel. Maybe you will be released in a few days.” She smiled at him. “But what matters now is that you get enough rest and please don’t try to detach the needle again.” He smiled to her
– “I will try to.” She smiled back at him.
– “sense of humor. that good. At least you not lost that.” She said and left the room. Mark looked at the ceiling, trying to figure out what happened? How he gets injured? He closed his eyes trying to force recall. But everything was vague and his head began to ache again. He opened his eyes and feels impotent. What he will do? How he will get answer to his question? Suddenly He began to feel a strange kind of feeling of tiredness. He Closed his eyes and fell asleep.

To be continued…

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