Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 14)

29 Jul

They get the Triparti house. Kabeer park the car next to the house and runs to help Dadi to get out of it. Rachna also get from the car quickly and goes to hold Dadi.
“It’s OK kids. I am fine.” She said. They take one steps away from her but keep holding her hands.
They come and Stood at the entrance to when suddenly the doors was open. Dadi was amazed to see everyone come to welcome her back. a big wallpaper with the words “welcome back Dadi” was Hung on the wall. Dadi was so happy that theirs began to drop from her eyes. Shail come in front of her with plate of poja and smile to Dadi. She blesses Dadi and put tike on her Forehead.
“Welcome back Dadi.” Dadi smile and hug Shail.
“Thank u so much.” Dayal walked to dadi.
“Dadi. We are really feeling shame about all the thing we said.” Dadi shake her head. “We should not say it.”
“No Dayal, don’t remind it now. It’s history now. It all was misunderstanding and it is over now. And today I am so happy as I get my kids back.” She said and holds Rachna and Kabeer hands. They both get their head up and watch Dayal expression. He look on them and saw them looking on each other without say a word.
“Your kids?” Dayal ask her.
Yes. Kabeer and Rachna promise me that they will get back for me.” Dayal was shuck to hear it. Shail looked on him. She know that he don’t like it. After all what happens between Kabeer and Rachna he can’t trust Kabeer again. Vihaan see it and try to change the subject.
“Guys, you are rowing the all party.” Vihaan said. He come to Dadi and walks inside the house with her. “After you were in the hospital and eat the worst food, I decide to make same of your favorite food.” Kabeer looked angry on Vihaan.
“Dadi remember what the doctor said.”Kabeer said.
“Oh come on Kabeer. One piece not going to kill me.” Kabeer shake his head and look away.
“Dadi… What we said?” Rachna remind her about what they talk in the morning.
“OK. OK. But you owe me.” Rachna smile and nodded her head.

They all goes to eat launch when suddenly they hear a familiar voice.
“Oh my god Dadi.” Dadi look back and saw Sonal running to her and hug her. “I am so happy to know that you OK now.” Dadi look weird on Sonal and try to push her away.
“Thank u Sonal” Dadi Stroke her back and stay away from her. “I think.” Sonal look on the table and saw all the food on it.
“Wow. We are having dinner. How nice.” Sonal said and walk to sit down while the rest continued to stand. Dadi look angry and saw Vihaan wink to her.
“OK guys let’s sit.” Vihaan said. Every goes to sit down on the table, except kabeer, rachna and vihaan. “Kabeer, rachna please sit down.” Vihaan tell them.
“It’s ok Vihaan I am not hungry.” Rachna said and keep standing.
“I also need to go to my studio. I have lots stuff to done. Kabeer said and ready to leave.
“Come on Nahna. When I finely leave this boring place call hospital, you go to work instead celebrate my release with us.” Kabeer stop and turn back. “You both come and join us.” Rachna and Kabeer walk to the table and looking for place to sit. They show that there are two sit left next to Dadi. The look on each other and don’t know what to do.
“Kabeer…” Sonal try to call Kabeer to come and sit next to her. Instead Vihaan come and sit next to her. Sonal looked angry on him.
“What? I am sorry this sit is taking?” Vihaan ask her. Sonal looked angry on him and he smile to her. “You know I enjoy she your angry face.” He come and whisper to her. “I think you should use it more.” he said and smile to her. Kabeer and rachna keep standing and look on each other.
“You guys going to stand up like this for long time? Sit down now both of you.” Dadi scream and they both sit down on the two seats next to Dadi. “Thank you.” Dadi said and smile to them. Rachna saw Kabeer looking on her. She feels uncomfortable and looks to other way. Sonal saw the way Kabeer looked on Rachna and feel jealous. Vihaan look on Sonal and enjoy saw her angry face. Dadi all most giggle and try to hide it.
“Should we start to eat?” Shail ask.
“Sure why not.” Dadi said. They all start to eat. Dadi take her head up and saw how Rachna and Kabeer try to eat without look on each other or make any touch. Dadi look on Vihaan and saw him point to her to do same thing about it.
“Same one Can you bring the raise for me?” Dadi ask. Kabeer and Rachna reach they hand to the Bowl of rice when suddenly they were touched each other hands. Sonal watch they hands and get more angry. Dayal saw it and didn’t like it. Shail put her hand on his arm and relax him. Rachna take her hand away and feel uncomfortable. kabeer get the Bowl and give it to Dadi. Rachna move her hair behind her ear and look away. Kabeer look on her and remember the day when Dadi use to make dinner for them.

Dadi prepared the table for dinner when suddenly she hears Rachna and Kabeer coming when they argue.
“I told you many time about it. my work is the most important thing for me.” he said
“Oh come on Kt. it’s was only small mistake and you make a big deal of it. Rachna said to him.
“Still it’s a mistake and I am your boss, so don’t tell me what I should do or what not. Kabeer said and point on Rachna.
“Really?” Rachna ask him
“Really.” Kabeer answer and put the hand on his hips.
“Kids.” They both looked on Dadi. “Can you both stop it. This is not the studio, so please leave your work out from the living room.” Dadi said and finish to Prepared the table.
“Sorry Dadi.” Kabeer said. Kabeer and Rachna walk to the table and saw that there only 2 Plates on the table.
“Dadi you are not going to eating with us? Rachna ask her.
“No. Dear I already eat.” Kabeer and Rachna look confused on each other. “After you both work so hard today, I decide to to pamper both of you with a romantic dinner.
“R.. Romantic?” Kabeer start to stutter. Rachna start giggle. “Dadi we don’t have time for it. We have…”
“lots of work. As usual.” Dadi come to him. “Nahna, work will always be there but this moment happens one in time.” Dadi said and take them both to sit down on the table. “So you both enjoy the dinner, when I going to take my beauty sleep.” Dadi said and goes. Rachna start giggles again.
“Dadi and her ideas.” Kabeer look on the table when suddenly he hears Rachna laughing. He looks angry on her. “What you laughing about?” He ask her.
“Noting.” Rachna said and stop laugh.
“Let’s start to eat that we can back to work.” Kabeer reach his hand to get the Bowl and stake in Rachna hand. Rachna feel awkward and try to remove her hand. Kabeer hold her hand and slid is finger between hers. Rachna get her eyes up slowly and saw Kabeer looked on her with lots of love. she feel shy and looked away. Suddenly Kabeer remember that they don’t have lots of work to do. He releases her hand and tries to look away. “I am sorry.” Kabeer said and start to eat. Rachna start to giggle again. Kabeer look on her and don’t understand what she laughing about. “Why are you laughing now?” He ask her.
“Noting.” Rachna said and keep laugh.
Ok,ok. Eat it before it gets cold. Kabeer said and keep eating.
[Flashback end]

Kabeer look on Rachna and Thinking where all this days goes? What happened between them? How they get to this situation? Then he saw Sonal smile to him. He knows that whatever is it, he most stay away from Sonal.

The party was over and everyone was ready to leave.
“OK Dadi we are living.” Shail said and hold Dadi arms. “Please take care of yourself.” Dadi smile to her.
“Shail, I am so happy that everything is get back to normal between us.” Dadi said and hug her. Shail saw Dayal and saw that he not happy to hear it. Snail known that after what happened; he will not allow Kabeer and Rachna to get back together. Shail break from the hug and smile to Dadi. “Ok. We will leave now.” Shail said to dadi and smile to her.
“Maa, I will come later. I have to take care of Dadi.” Rachna said.
“Ok dear. Just be sure that she takes her medication in time.” Shail said to her and Caress Rachna arm.
“Sure Maa.” Rachna said. Dayal come to Rachna when he looked angry. Rachna know that he not like the idea that she stay to take care of Dadi when Kabeer is also in the house. Dayal look on Kabeer that was in the other side of the room and look again on Rachna. Suddenly everyone was amazed to see him put his hand on Rachna head and bless her.
“God bless you my child. Take care of Dadi and back home soon.” He said. Rachna smile to him and nodded with her head yes. Rachna watch them leaving from there. Kabeer looked on her. he know that Dayal still hate him and hope that he will not make any problem between him and his daughter. Rachna smile and turn to Dadi.
“Dadi, you need to rest. Come I will take you to your room.” Rachna said and hold Dadi arm.
“but I back just now.” Dadi tell her.
“Dadi you not feel good and you have to take same rest.” Dadi look on her in weird way.
“you so Stubborn.” Rachna smile to her and walk with her upstairs to her room. Kabeer look away and walk to his studio. Sonal saw him leaving and walk after him.
“Sonal.” She hears a voice come behind her. She look back and see Vihaan stand next to her with smile on his face. “I was not going to do that.” He said to her.
“Shut up Vihaan. Kabeer need me.” She said to him and walks from there. Vihaan shake his head and smile.
“She never gets it.” He says and starts to giggle.

Kabeer walk to his studio and try to work on his designs. Suddenly he notices to the sound of Sonal heels. She walks to him and hug him from behind, when she put her hand on his chest.
“oh Kabeer. I am so happy to know that Dadi feel much better. I was so worry about her.” When Kabeer hear her he remember what Vihaan tell him.

“That it all was your mother plane.” Kabeer come to him and hold him from his shirt collar.
“Vihaan, you can tell me other lie but this it’s too much.” Vihaan get angry and release Kabeer hand from his shirt collar.
“I don’t lie. It is the true. Your mothers plan it all and she also use Sonal help for that.”
[End Flashback]

“Is that so?” Kabeer ask and release himself from her. He turns to her with smile on his face. “Sonal. Can you tell me what the date of your wedding that I can make you dress ready in time?” Sonal stay quiet and didn’t know what to say. “I am also wishing to meet this luck man that going marry you. Maybe I’ll make him the groom’s suit for him. It’s a great idea no?” kabeer saw how sonal eyes get bigger and how she start to feel more and more confused.
“I… I…” she start to Stutter.

unnamed (2)
“Sonal, you should stop your acting. I know everything.” He tells her and walks away from her.
“I know that you talk with Vihaan. But all what he tell you is a lie.” Kabeer get angry and close his eyes, try to relax himself. “You must believe me. He is a liar.” Kabeer open his eyes and look on her from the side.
“Sonal. I sleep in the hospital for two days and I need same good sleep. So excuse me but I don’t have time for this right now.” Kabeer said and start to walk from there. Sonal get worry and don’t know what she have to do to make him believe her. Kabeer stop in his place and look back on Sonal when he saw her worry. “And by the way tell my mother that I know everything about her plan.” He said and leaves his studio. Sonal was stay in her place when she dont know what to do now. She knows that Gayatri will not happy to know that she gets failed again.

Sonal walk in to the living room and saw Vihaan siting there, reading fashion magazine.
“Sonal? You leaving so early?” he smiles to her. Sonal looked on him in angry way.
“Vihaan, I know what you try to do. Put I will not let you to it.” Vihaan start giggle. He put the magazine on the table and walks to her.
“Too late honey, I already start.” He said and smile to her.
“We will see.” she moves her hair behind her ear and leaves the house. Vihaan saw her leaving and wave to her.

Rachna help Dadi to get on the bed.
“Slowly.” Rachna said to Dadi. Dadi sit on the bed and saw Rachna bring glass of water with the medicine.
“Do I really need to take?” Dadi ask her.
“Dadi you promise” Dadi Remember her promise to Rachna and point to her to give her the glass and the medicine. Dadi take it and give the glass to Rachna. She put the glass on the Chest of drawers and covers Dadi with the blanket.
“Rachna can I ask you same thing?” Dadi ask her.
“Sure Dadi.” Rachna answer to her.
“Do you still love my nahne?” Suddenly Rachna stake in her place when she don’t know what she should say to her. Dadi hold Rachna hand and wake her up from her thoughts. “Do you rachna?” Rachna get her head up and saw Dadi look worry on her. “Please Rachna. I want to know.” Dadi said.
“I should go.” Rachna release her hand from Dadi and Walked toward the door.
“Rachna.” Rachna stop in her place and stay with her back to Dadi. “I know Kabeer was wrong but he regard about it.” Rachna stand in her place and look to the side.
“Dadi, I will come to visit you tomorrow.” Rachna said and leave the room.
“I know you still love him Rachna. I can saw it in your eyes” Dadi said and smile.

Shail get to the bed room and get the bed ready. Dayal get in the room and slam the door behind him.
“Why you didn’t tell me that Rachna promise Dadi, that she and Kabeer will back together?” Dayal ask her.
“I was known you will not like it. But Rachna said she do it only for Dadi healthy.” Snail said. Dayal walk to the bed and sit on it.
“You right I don’t like it.” Dayal said and take his medicine and drink the water. “I don’t trust Kabeer anymore. He hurt her ones and he can’t hurt her again.” He gets in the bed and covers himself with the blanket.
“I don’t think we need to get worry about it. Rachna know what she doing.” Snail said to him.
“I don’t think so. I want you to make sure that noting will happen between them.” Dayal said and goes back to sleep. Shall stay in her place and remember that Rachna say to her that she still loves Kabeer. Shail saw dayal sleeping and hope that everything get well soon.

A train gets in to banners train station. The door was open and young woman get down from the train, with two bags in her hand. She looks around and smiles. She take her begs and walk from there.

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