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Life without You – Part 1

This story I decide to my dear friend Nivi. That passes away before couple of days. Rest in peace my dear Friend.

Everything starts in one cold raining day. He was run in the hospital corridor when he hoping he was not late. He runs inside the room when one of the Nurses stops him. He looks on the bed that was in the room and sees it empty.
-“where is she?”
“Sir please leaves the room.” The nurse said and tries to push him.
“Tell me. Where she is?” he ask her again
“Sir I ask you to leave.” The nurse push him to the door way. He gets her hand down from him.
“I don’t leave until you tell me where my wife is?” she looks on him and see the worried in his eyes. “Why you quiet tell me where my wife is?” he saw that she avoid him and not answer him. He catches her arms and Shake her backward and forward “answer me damn.” He screams on her.
“She pass away.” She screams back. Suddenly all the hospital gets quiet. He was fazing in his place and can’t say a word. The nurse looks on him with tears in her eyes. “We try to save her but it was too late.” He release her arms slowly and walk backward when he shocking. He folds on the wall and start to remember the moments that he share with his wife. The happy moments. The funny moments, the Arguments, the love, her smile, her laughing.

He starts to remember the day that she was come to her last checking. The doctor said that she don’t have many days to live. He tries his best to makes every day to a beautiful day for her. He was taking her for Trips, to place they never visit. He bought flowers every morning and Decorating living room with them. He buys her a gift every day. He even takes her for second honeymoon.
He still remembers what she said to him in the honey moon.
“If I go..” she start to say
“You are not” he stops her.
“But I will leave one day.” She said to him.
“You will never leave.” He said to her when he tries to avoid the true. She smiles to him and hold his hand.
“When I will leave I want you to know that I will always be with you.” He looks on her with tears in his eyes. “But you have to promise me one thing.” He touches her hand.
“Whatever you want honey.” She smiles to him with tears in her eyes.
“Promise me that you will move on.” He was can’t believe she really said that. He releases his hand from her faster and wipes his tears.
“No never.” He screams.
“Joe…” She said.
“I am not going to do it.” He screams again. “I can’t believe you ask me to do that.”
“Joe. You promise to me.” He looked on her and saw her Serious.
“So I am taking my promise back. I promise you in our wedding that I will stay with you till I die and what I going to do.” He stands up and leaves the table. She wipes her tears and saw him walking away.
“I know that you love me so much Joe but soon you have to do it, want it or not.

Joe folds down to the door and can believe that he just lost the woman that he loves the most. He doesn’t know what he will do now. What he will do without her? How he will live without her?

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