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Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 16)


Vihaan take his jacket and ready to go.
“You leaving?” Vihaan saw Dadi and Rachna coming to them.
“Yes Dadi. I have same stuff to do.” Vihaan said to her.
“but you coming back right?” Dadi ask him. Vihaan touch her hand and cover it with his second hand.
“Of course, my pretty lady.” He said to her. Dadi hit him Gently and smile. Vihaan look on Rachna.
“Rachna please take care of her when I will not be here and please make sure you cousin will not be here when I will be back.” Rachna start giggle “She make me crazy.”
“Sure Vihaan don’t worry. I make sure she will stay away from u.” Vihaan smile to them and walk to the door.

The evening coming and Shail get worried about Rachna and hoping that every thing is OK. Suddenly Dayal come to the living room and saw Shail wearing.

“Shail.” She stop in her place and look back on him. “what happened is every thing OK?” he ask her but she didn’t know how to answer to him. Dayal look around and didn’t find Rachna. “Where is Rachna?” Shail get more tense and don’t know what she should tell him.

Rachna get ready to leave Tripathi house.
“Rachna” she hear Kabeer call her name. She stop in her place and look back, saw Kabeer walk to her with the paper in his hand. “I think it’s yours.” Rachna don’t understand about what he talking. She take the Folded from his hand, open it and saw that it is the draw that she drawing Kabeer. She look shocked on him.
“How you get it?” she ask him.
“Did you draw it?” he ask her. Rachna look away and didn’t said a word. “Did you draw it Rachna?” He get his voice on her. She close her eyes.
“Yes I did.” She scream and open her eyes. Kapeer saw the tears that come from Rachna eyes and get shocked. “I draw it. Here, I said it are you happy now?” she ask him. Kabeer look away try to hide the tears from her.
“Why you leave me?” he ask her in quietly.
“you hurt me Kabeer.” She answer to him quietly. Kabeer look away. “You hurt me so much. I thought that if I will stay away from you I can forget you but I cant. And this draw show it.” Kapeer close his eyes. “What ever I try, what ever I do. I wa still remember you.” Rachna said with tears in her eyes.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you Rachna.” Kabeer said again Quietly and Rachna keep cry. “I remember the day when you leave. I run to the station and saw the train leaving away.” Rachna was amazed to know that he really was there. “that moment I was know that I lost you forever. Even your parents tell me That you leaving because of me.” Rachna wipe her tears. Kabeer looked on her with tears in his eyes. “I didn’t know the true until Vihaan tell me.” Rachna stay in her place and don’t know what to say. “I know that I am not deserve you but at list you can forgive me?” he ask her. Rachna stay in her place and didn’t say a word. Kabeer looked on her and waiting for her answer. The tears start to fold down again from Rachna eyes. Kabeer get shocked and saw Rachna Shaking her head.
“I am sorry Kabeer. I am very, very sorry.” Rachna said to him and run away from there.
Kabeer stay in his place with tears in his eyes and watching Rachna running away. He turn around and walk slowly back in to his house when he Dragging his legs.

Rachna Run away from there and keep cry.

Kabeer keep walk away from there when suddenly he hear same one knocked on the door. Kabeer look on the door and run to open it when he thought that it is Rachna but when he open the door he saw Sonal and Gayatri standing there.
“Hello Beta.” Gayarti Say and smile to him. Kabeer look confused on both of them. Gayatri and Sonal get in the house without asking Kabeer premonition . Kabeer wipe his tears and walk to them. Gayatri sit on the sofa and put the papers on the table, when Sonal stand next to her.
“Kabeer Bate, I think that there same stuff that we need to talk about.” Gayatri said and smile to him.
“Stop call me Bate, I am not your son any more.” Kabeer say in angry way.
“But you still have my blood.” Gayatri said.
“But he get my Education.” Dadi come from the stairs and Kabeer go to help her.
“hello Dadi. I hear that you pass same heart attack.” Gayatri said and smile. Dadi and Kabeer come to them.
“But like you see I am still standing her Like a bull. Dadi said to her.
“we will see how much strong you will be after you saw that papers.” She throw the paper on the other side of the table.
“what are this paper?” Dadi ask her.
“that papers said that all this house and Kt creation studio is… belong to me.” Kabeer and Dadi was shocked.
“it can’t be possible.” Kabeer said. He check the paper and saw his signature on the first page.
“I didn’t sign on that.” Kabeer scream.
“Oh really… try to remember. When Sonal ask you to sign on same papers.”

Kabeer remember the day he saw Rachna and Vihaan together. he was jealous and didn’t give attention to the others stuff that happened in the room. Suddenly Sonal come to him with same paper and ask him to sign them.
“Kabeer, can you sign that Papers?” Sonal ask him and Kabeer sign them with out checking about what he sign.

He saw his signature and remember the call that he get before.

“Mr Tripathi, you have one day to leave you house”
“What you talking about?”
“You seal you house”
“What? It cant be happened, I didn’t do it.”
“if you like you can come and see the papers.”
“OK I will be there.”

“Nahna, what going on?” Dadi ask kabeer. Kabeer looked on her with out say a word. How he can tell her that he just sale her house. He didn’t want to give her second heart attack.
“dadi, your beloved Nahna has just seal your house.” Dadi was amazed to hear it and saw Kabeer standing in the place when he looking on the floor. Sonal come to Kabeer and take the papers from his hand.
“thank you Kabeer.” Sonal say and give the papers to Gayatri.
“So I thinking that it will be good idea if you both start packing your stuff right away.” Gayatri said to them.
“but where we can going to?” Dadi ask
“you both can come to my place.” Sonal said to them.
“Over my dead body.” Dadi scream on her and Sonal smile that she make her angry.
“I don’t care where you will be live but you have to leave right now.” Gayatri saw Kabeer standing in his place without say any word.
“So Kabeer… how is the feeling to be alone?” tears come down from his eyes.
“He is not alone.” Gayatri and Sonal was amazed to saw Rachna get in the house, walking to Kabeer and hold his hand. Kabeer looked on his hand and saw Rachna hold it. Dadi was so happy to see them holding hand together after long time. Kabeer looked on Rachna and saw her nodding her head. “he is not alone. He have me.” Gayatri and Sonal was shocked to hear it. Even Kabeer was cant believe that He saw her next to him, holding his hand.

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