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Words cant explain what my eyes says – Chapter 1


A new day as start and The sun shining on Chicago city.
He was sleeping on the bed, try to hide his face from the sunlight under the blanket, try to get some more time to sleep. Suddenly his phone ring. He reaches his hand to his phone that was set on the Commode. He takes at with him under the blanket.
“Hello.” He sound still sleepy.
“Joe, are you still sleeping?” the woman from the other side the phone said.
“Yes.” He says and starts to yawn.
“Get up right now. The boss wants to see you.” Joe moves the blanket quickly and sits up.
“Now?” he ask
“Yes! right now.” He ends the call and run to get ready.

He runs to his car with the bag in his hand and the tie in his other hand. He gets to his car and throws the bag on the back sit and start the engine.

When he gets to the office, he saw the woman that he talks with on the phone viewing to him. He smile and walk to her. She looks on his tie and saw that it is unfix.
“Oh come on Joe. You even can’t fix your own tie?” she ask him.
“Sorry. you said right now, so I don’t get enough time to fix it.” He smiles to her.
“If you was wake up early all of this what not happened.” She done fix it and walk away. “At list you clean your Teeth.” She say and walks away.
“Thank you Anne.” He smiles.

Joe opens the door of his boss office. He saw him standing with the back to him. Joe try to get in the office without make noise, hoping his boss will not hear him.
“You finally came.” The boss says.
“I am sorry sir.” He said. The boss looks back on him.
“You never change did you?” he asks him.
“Never.” The boss smile to him.
“You should be happy that I like you, even after you pass me off same time.” He said and sits on his chair.
“Same here.” The boss looks weird on Joe.
“No I mean… I like you.. I didn’t mean that way.” Joe start stutter
“It’s OK Joe, I get that.” He says and point to him to sit. Joe walks slowly to the table and sit on the chair. “Joe I get same big project that I want you to handle it. From the first time I read the file I was know that you be the right person to work on it.”
“What it’s about?” Joe asks and the boss gives him the file. Joe start read the file and get shocked. “No way!”
“Yes Joe. You are going to India.” Joe was look in shocked on his boss, still can’t believe it is really happened. He stay in his place with his mouth open and the file in his hands.


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