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Push Yourself

Every time I make the right steps same thing push me back to Negative. that feeling that I am not good enough, that I am not better enough.
People right that they say to stay away from negative people. it is amazing how it effect you. Same of the people maybe important to you but they not the right people to keep around you.
It is not easy it is like break up with same one you love and say it’s not you it’s me.
I always thought that been alone it is most worst thing ever, today I say been around people that not really like you it is more worst then be alone.
they can take your peace, your motivation and most of all they kill Your dreams.
I can still hear my soul screaming in night. “what you did? what you turn us to. It’s cant be true! You mess fix it.”
You feel your mind start running, try to remember how it feel before, how it was before.
Many question open up again one by one… looking for answer in the darkness…
Working day a night. And the mind scream “Push Yourself…!”
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