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Rabir FF – True Love never Die (Chapter 15)


A train gets in to train station. The door was open and young woman get down from the train, with two bags in her hands. She looks around and smiles, take her begs and walk from there.

It was another normal day in Garg house when suddenly same one was knocking on the door But no one was go to open it. Shail walking in the living room and show that no one was there.

“no one can go and open the door…I guess I have to go open it… I coming.” She said and goes to open the door. When she open the door she was amazed to see who is it. “You?”

Rachna was sleeping in her bed. When suddenly same one touch her shoulder.
“oh Maa. Please let me sleep more little bit.” Rachna said and remove that hand from her shoulder. The person didn’t stop and touch her shoulder again. “Maa please please.” Rachna turn and look with one eye open and was amazed to fine out that it was not her mom. “you?” Rachna ask and Rub her eyes to be sure she not dreaming. “It’s really you.” She said.
“Oh many time person should try to wake you up.” The person said.
“Anjali. it is Really you.” Rachna run to hug her but Anjali stop her.
“sorry Rachna but the smell from your mouth is really bad.” Rachna look weird on her.
“very funny. When you came?” she ask her.
“this morning.” Anjali said. “so tell me how is Dadi?” she ask her
“she is much better now.” Rachna answer to her.
“that great. and… what about Kabeer?” Rachna looked on her and don’t know what to say.

Kabeer get in to his studio and walk to his desk. He open his laptop and turn it on. He get his head up and look on the wedding dress that he design for Sonal. He walk to there and look on it.
“How much stupid I was. How I didn’t saw it.” Kabeer said and shake his head.
“that think happened.” Kabeer look back and saw Dadi walking in to his studio.

“Dadi.” Kabeer said and run to help her.
“I am find.” She said and hold his hand. “the question is are you fine?” Dadi ask him.
“I am ok Dadi.” He said and go back to look on the wedding dress. “I just realize how much stupid I was.” Kabeer said.
“that it true that you get mistakes. But you are not stupid.” Dadi hold his hand. Kabeer look on her hand and look on her. “if you was not realize your mistake then you was not just a stupid, you was an idiot.” Kabeer smile to her. Dadi crass his cheek. “Nahna don’t worry. Soon every thing be OK.” She said to him.
“I know dadi. I just don’t know how.” He said and look around.
“Don’t worry. The how will show up.” She said when Suddenly they hear the door bail. They both looked on each other wandering who it can be in so early.

Vihaan goes to open the door.
“just a minute.” He open the door and saw Rachna standing there with her cousin Anjali.
“Good morning Vihaan.” Rachna said and smile to him. Anjali stop in her place with out say a word when she keep looking on Vihaan. Rachna look on her and saw her standing there with stupid smile on her face. Rachna hit Anjali hand and wake her up.
“Hi.” Anjali said and wave to him. Rachna put her head down and cover her face with her hand.
“Hi.” Vihaan said and looked weird on Rachna. “Please come in.” they both walk in the house. Vihaan close the door and when he turn he saw Anjali standing in front of him when she Keep smiling to him.
Dadi and Kabeer get in the living room. Rachna show them and go to greet Dadi.
“good morning Dadi.” Rachna said but Dadi didn’t answer her. Dadi and Kabeer was looking on Vihaan and Anjali and didn’t understand what going on between them.
Rachna look back and see Anjali stand in front of Vihaan and smiling to him. She goes to there, hold Anjali arm and drag her to Dadi. “Dadi please meet my cousin, Anjali. Anjali this is Dadi.” Rachna looked on Anjali and show her Keeping Sander Eyes on Vihaan when he try to avoid her. Kabeer and Dadi look weird on Anjali and don’t understand what she doing. “Anjali” Rachna scream and wake Anjali up.
“I am sorry.” Anjali said and saw them look weird on her. “oh. You must be Dadi.” Anjali said and shake Dadi hand. “and you…” she point on Kabeer. Kabeer look on her finger and take step back. “you must be Kabeer Tripathi.” She shake his hand.
-“please call me KT.” Kabeer said when she keep shake his hand.
-” he look hot.” Anjali whisper to Rachna.
-“excuse me?” Kabeer ask her. Rachna hit Anjali arm again.
-“no. noting.” Anjali said and Dadi giggle quietly.
“I like her.” Dadi said. Kabeer look weird and Dadi. “what?” dadi ask him. Kabeer put his hand on his hip and look away.
“OK. If you all excuse me I have lots of work to do.” He said and walk to his studio.
“Don’t worry about him. He is ok.” Dadi said. “so Anjali do you stay for Lunch?” she ask her.
“if it is OK with you?” Anjali start to giggle.
“that great. I think it will be fun.” Dadi said and walk away from there.
“Da… Dadi wait for me.” Vihaan said and run after Dadi when Anjali keep watching him. Rachna show that. She hold Anjali arm and drag her to her.
“what that was?” Rachna ask her
“what I did?” she ask her.
“one minute you do eyes to Vihaan and then you said that Kabeer is hot.” Rachna scream on her.
“What? It is not right?” Rachna don’t answer to her and start to drag her away from there. “just small question. Is it Vihaan single?” she ask her.
“Anjali.” Rachna scream on her and keep drag her away from there.

In the dinner. Every one was sit around the table. Vihaan sit on his cheer and look that Anjali smile to him. He hide his face with his hand, try to avoid Her. Rachna looked on Anjali and see her smiling from ear to ear. then She looked on Vihaan and saw him try to hide him self behind his hands. Rachna kick Anjali leg under the table and wake her.
“auch!!!” Anjali scream from pain and check her leg. Dadi show what happened and start to laughing.
“So anjali. Tell us little bit about you.” Dadi said and start to full her plate.
“I am Rachna Cousin but we more like sisters. We Sharing every thing.” Dadi Smile and give the Bowl to Rachna. “I am from mumbai…” Anjali said and look on Vihaan when he keep avoid her by start eating. “And I am single.” Suddenly Vihaan start to Choking and to Cough. Dadi and Rachna start to get worried. Dadi take one class from the table and come to full water in it for Vihaan, when suddenly she saw anjali stand up. “Vihaan are you OK?” she ask him and comes to him and start bang on his back.
“I am fine. Thank you.” Vihaan said and stop her.
“Thank god.” Anjali said and put her hand on his shoulder. Vihaan look on her hand with one wide eye.
“Vihaan, where is Nahne? Did you call him for dinner?” Dadi ask him. Rachna was feel bad that Kabeer didn’t join him and thought that it is maybe because her presence there.
“I did call him Dadi. I will go to call him right away.” Vihaan come to stand up but Anajli get him back to sit.
“That is OK Vihaan, I will go to call him.” Anjali said and move her hand on vihaan cheek. “Please be careful when you eating.” She said and go away. Vihaan saw her going and take long breath out.
“Breath now how much you can because soon she will back and take it all away.” Dadi said to him and start giggle about him with Rachna. Vihaan look on both of them with one eyebrow up.

Anjali snake in to Kabeer studio and look around to see how much big is it. She walk in and check the clothes that was set on the dolls.
“wow amazing design.” She said and touch it.
“thank you.” Anjali look back and saw Kabeer walking to her.
“Kt, I am sorry, I should not enter your studio with out your promotion.” Anjali start walk away from the doll and hopping that she didn’t make him angry.
“it is OK Anjali. Feel free to look around.” Kabeer said and smile to her. Anjali smile back to him and walk around when he go and work on one of his design.
“I Like your designs.” Anajli said and look on Kabeer.
“Thank you.” He smile to her and keep working on his design. Anjali thought in her mind and looked on him. She start to walk behind him and keep looking around.
So here is where every thing has start?” suddenly Kabeer stop to work and look on Anjali.
“excuse me?” he ask her.
“Rachna told me every thing.” Kabeer get angry. He cant get believe that Rachna tell her cousin every thing about them. “I cant judge u but I think what you did was wrong.” She said to him. Kabeer stay with the back to her and get more and more angry.
“I already know that what I did was wrong. I try to talk with Rachna about it… but I don’t think she love me any more.” Kabeer said and try to back to work.
In the same time that they talk, same one was get to the studio and saw Kabeer talking with Anjali. The person go and hide behind one of the doll and keep listen to their conversion.
“but it is not true.” Anjali scream. Kabeer eyes get wide and he look back on Anajli.
“Rachan…” and before she can say any foreword, Dadi call Kabeer.
“Nahna!” Kabeer hear Dadi voice.
“Yes Dadi.” Kabeer look on Anjali and saw her standing in her please and looking on the floor. “Sorry Anajali. We will talk about it later OK?” he ask her. She smile and nodded to him. Kabeer smile to her and leave the studio.

Anjali get a Folded paper from her pocket and come to put it on Kabeer table.
“Who are you and what you doing here?” Anajali look back and show Sonal standing in front of her.
“oh. You mast be Sonal.” Anajali said and check her from down to up. “Exactly how I  imagine you.” Sonal look weird on her.
“and you are?” she ask her.
“Rachna cousin. Anjali” Anjali come to Sonal and shake Her hand so hard that she almost broke her it. Sonal release her hand quickly from her and check if it is not broke. “See you around.” Anajli said and leave the studio.
“From where this girl come from? I need to find out what she was doing here.” Sonal start to search all over the studio when suddenly she saw the Folded paper on the floor. She pick it up, open it and show that it was Rachna drawing of Kabeer. “Now I know what you try to do Anjali. But until I am here, you cant do noting.” Sonal smile and goes to throw the paper away.

“Sonal.” Sonal hear Kabeer voice and stop in her place. “what are you doing here?” he ask her. She was shocked and the paper Slipped from her hand and fold back to the floor. Sonal turn and saw Kabeer angry. “Sonal I ask you some thing.” Sonal get tense and show the paper on the floor.
“I just forget my ring here.” She turn around, removed the ring from her finger and fold it on the floor next to the paper. She get down and hide the paper under the table, that Kabeer will not see it. She looking to Kabeer side hoping that he didn’t saw what she did. She stand up and turn to him when she holding the ring in her hand. “Find it.” She smile to him but Kabeer was still looking angry on her.
“Good. Now leave.” Sonal move her hair and walk to the door, suddenly she stop and look back on the paper that was under the table, hopping that Kabeer will not see it.

After Sonal gone. Kabeer walk in to the studio and keep work on his design, when suddenly his phone start to ring. The Cloth roll that was in his hand fold down on the floor and Rolled under his table. Kabeer take his phone from his table and answer it.
“Hello. Yes It’s Kabeer Tripathi. What? It’s cant happened. I didn’t do it. OK I will meet you soon. Bye.” Kabeer end the call and throw the table on the phone and thinking about the conversion that he just had on the phone. Same thing was Bother him. He looked on his watch and saw what the time is when suddenly he noting to the Cloth that was sticking under the table. He get down to pick it up and finely the Folded paper next to it. He pick the paper up and open it. He saw the that It is Rachna drawing and it is a drawing of him. Then he remember the small conversion that he had with Anjali.

“but it is not true.” Anjali scream. Kabeer eyes get wide and look back on Anajli.

“Rachan…” and before she can say any foreword, Dadi call Kabeer.

“Nahna!” Kabeer hear Dadi voice.
He throw the Cloth roll back on the floor and run out from his studio

To be counted !

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Life without You – Part 2


After couple of moments Joe back to his senses, he was finely ready to get to the room where his wife body was. He saw his wife body on the bed and tears start come from his eyes. The nurse come behind him and put her hand on his shoulder for support. Joe look on her and saw he nodded to him.

Joe start walk to the bed in small steps. He saw his wife lay there with his eyes close. He stand next to her body and try to stop his tears but he was cant control it. He get his wife body up from the bed and hug her close to his body.

“why you leave me Alan?” he say and start to cry. The nurses that was in the room see him and feel sad for his lose. “why you leave me alone Alan? please don’t leave me. I am not ready for that yet. I am not ready please Alan. please tell god that You not ready yet. I need you Alan please don’t leave me.” The nurses come to him and release her from Joe Embrace and take him away from her bed. Joe fold on his knees and saw the other nurses take his wife body away. “No Alan! please don’t take her!” he scream but no one can help him. All the nurses leave the room. Joe was stay on his knees. He stop to cry but the tears keep go from his eyes.

In the Funeral Joe stand next to his wife grave. All the people that come to the funeral come next to Joe put they hand on his shoulder and feel sorry for his loss. But Joe didn’t answer him, he stand next to the Grave like a Statue.
After all the people leave Alan mother see him stand in front her Daughter and decide to go to talk with him. She walk to him and stand next to him.

“Death is something very cruel isn’t it?” she ask him. He look on her but stay in quiet. “ I remember the day I lost my husband I was stay next to his Grave for hours try to understand how my life will be now after I lost the man I love the most.” Joe close his eyes and back to look on his wife grave. “but you…” she look on him. “it happened so quickly. You even don’t get enough time to spend with her and now you have to let her go.”
“who say I let her go?” he ask her.
“dear, I know it hurt but you have to let her go. You have to life you own life.” She said to him.
“I cant. She was the only life that I was have and now she gone.” She hold his hand and cover it with her hand.
“I want and I sure Alan was also want that you will keep your life without her. Find same new woman to marry to and start to live your life.” He look on her with angry in his eyes and release his hand from her.
“I am not going to do it and I will never do it. I marry to Alan and I always will stay Alan husband until I am die.” He said in angry way and walk away from there. Her mother look on the grave with tears in her eyes.
“Look Alan. look how much he love you. He love you so much that He not ready to leave you. People may be die but Love stay forever.”

to be counted

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